Sunday, May 31, 2009

Playlist, May 31, 2009

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Set One
Grateful Dead; Playing in the Band; Dick's Picks Volume 18 (2000 Grateful Dead)
Miles Davis; Directions (Friday 12/18, 2nd set); The Cellar Door Sessions 1970 (2005 Legacy)
War; Slippin' Into Darkness; War Live (1973 United Artists)
Henry Cow; The Tenth Chaffinch; Henry Cow (1973 Virgin)
Grateful Dead; The Wheel>Playing (reprise); Dick's Picks Volume 18 (2000 Grateful Dead)
[mic break 11:17 a.m.]

Set Two

David Gans; Down to Eugene; The Ones That Look the Weirdest Taste the Best (2008 Perfictible)
New Riders of the Purple Sage; Panama Red; The Best of the New Riders of the Purple Sage (2006 Columbia)
Interview with Buddy Cage
New Riders of the Purple Sage; Down the Middle; Where I Come From (2009 Woodstock)
[mic break 12:02 p.m.]

Set Three

Susan Tedeschi; Back to the River; Back to the River (2008 Verve)
Arizona State University Pitchforks; Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da; Chunk (self)
Umphrey's McGee; Spires; Mantis (2009 SCI Fidelity)
Revolutionary Snake Ensemble; Chippie; Forked Tongue (2008 Cuneiform)
Miami Saxophone Quartet; Blue Rondo a la Turk; Fourtified (2008 Fourtitude)
The Ed Palermo Big Band; RDNZL; Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (2006 Cuneiform)
The Count Basie Orchestra; Out of the Window; Basically Basie: Studio Dates 1937-1945 (2005 JSP)
[mic break 12:38 p.m.]

Set Four

Vito De Modugno/Mariella Carbonara; Light My Fire; Il Basso e la Voce (2006 Fo(u)r)
She'koyokh Klezmer Ensemble; Odessa Bulgar - Dem Monastrishter Rebns Khosidl; Sandanski's Chicken (2008 ARC)
The Bobs; Late Model Love; I Brow Club (1997 Rounder)
The University of Arizona Wind Ensemble; Quiet Scream; Towers of Power (2009 Albany)
Dr. Lonnie Smith; A Matterapat; Rise Up! (2009 Palmetto)
[mic break 1:07 p.m.]

Set Five

The Juicy Grapes; Walkashame; For Sale (2008 Juicy Grapes)
Jen Durkin; Heart on a Chain; Equinox (2009)
High Ceiling; High & Lifted; Illusions (2008 High Ceiling)
The TIptons Sax Quartet; Fallout; Laws of Motion (2008 Zipa!)
David Fuiczynski; Shiraz; KiF Express (2008 Fuze)
Susan Tedeschi; Revolutionize Your Soul; Back to the River (2008 Verve)
[mic break 1:39 p.m.]

Set Six
Phish; Bathtub Gin; Hampton Comes Alive (1999 Elektra)
Steely Dan; Everything Must Go; Everything Must Go (2003 Reprise)
[2:00 p.m.]

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama's SCOTUS nominee: courts make policy

JammieWearingFool has a quick analysis of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. It's not good news. His post includes a video of Ms. Sotomayor explaining how courts make policy.

Lawhawk comments as well.
Sotamayor fits the kind of approach that President Obama seeks - a liberal interpretation of the US Constitution where the Constitution is a living breathing document. The case against her is pretty persuasive, but there is nothing that the GOP can do to derail this nomination.

The only way this nomination gets derailed is if the Obama Administration didn't pick up on details that will embarrass and suggest that Sotamayor is an inappropriate candidate for the Supreme Court. That's not all that far fetched given the way that the Obama Administration has repeatedly botched nominations for a host of positions, repeatedly selecting tax cheats and those with ethical flaps.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Playlist, May 24, 2009

Set One
Time Davies Big Band; Caravan-dalized; Dialmentia (2008 Origin)
Scotty Barnhart; Con Alma; Say It Plain (2009 Dig)
Dexter Gordon; Fried Bananas; The Very Best of Prestige Records (compilatiion)(2009 Prestige)
[mic break 10:35 a.m.]

Set Two
John Coltrane; Spring Is Here; Standard Coltrane (2009 Prestige)
Eric Alexander; Pearls; Prime Time (2008 Jazz Depot)
Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band; Chance Encounters; Act Your Age (2008 Immergent)
Duke Ellington; Daybreak Express; 1933-1938 The Cotton Club to Sweden (2007 JSP)
Jimmie Lunceford; Chickasaw Stomp; Strictly Lunceford (2007 Proper)
Louis Armstrong; Struttin' With Some Barbecue; King Louis (2005 Proper)
Nat SImpkinsl; Our Love is Here to Stay; Cookin' With Some Barbecue (1995 Muse)
Don Braden; Never Can Say Goodbye; Gentle Storm; 2008 HighNote)
Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band; September; Act Your Age (2008 Immergent)
[mic break 11:36 a.m.]

Set Three
Randy Brecker; Olhos Puxados; Randy in Brasil (2008 MAMA)
New York Electric Piano; Too New to Know; King Mystery (2008 Buffalo Puppy)
The Juicy Grapes; So Long; For Sale (2008 Juicy Grapes)
Q-Burns Abstract Message; Leela; Feng Shui (1998 Astralwerks)
Russell Gunn; Bitches Brew; Plays Miles (2007 HighNote)
Tabla Beat Science; Trajic (2002 Axiom)
Frank Zappa; Thirteen; You Can't Do That On Stage Any More volume 6 (1992 Barking Pumpkin)
Fareed Haque & the Flat Earth Ensemble; Big Bhangra; Flat Planet (2008 Owl Studios)
[mic break 12:26 p.m.]

Set Four
New Riders of the Purple Sage; Ghost Train Blues; Where I Come From (2009 Woodstock)
Ozric Tentacles; Astro Cortex; Arborescence (1994 Dovetail)
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe; How Fine Is That?; The Bridge (2002 Relaxed)
Jimmy Smith; Sum Serious Blues; Milestone Profiles (2006 Concord)
The Neville Brothers; Junk Man; Live on Planet Earth (1994 A & M)
The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra; Ballad of the Sad Young Men; The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra (2009 151)
Frank Sinatra; I Get a Kick Out of You; Gold! (1989 Capitol)
John Burnett Swing Orchestra; Struttin' with Some Barbecue; West of State Street/East of Harlem (2008 Delmark)
[mic break 1:21 p.m.]

Set Five
Wake the Dead; Christmas Eve/China Cat Sunflower/Bank of Ireland/The Bear/Bertha/Cliffs of Mostar; Wake the Dead (2000 Arista)
Umphrey's McGee; Turn and Run; Mantis (2009 Sci Fidelity)
The Industrial Jazz Group; Void When Detached; City of Angles (2002 Innova)
Harry Skoler; Alpine Sunset; Two Ones (2009 Soliloquy)
Miles Davis; In Your Own Sweet Way; Collectors' Items (2009 Prestige)
Steely Dan; Everything Must Go; Everything Must Go (2003 Reprise)
[2:00 p.m.]

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Friday, May 22, 2009

I have an ear worm!

I'm gonna slash my wrists if I can't get this corny hippie stuff out of my head.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Latest Indymedia discussion of WBAI descends into the sewer

The latest thread about WBAI in the fever swamps of the NYC IMC went downhill quickly as the discussion turned to criticism of Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! for not being anti-Zionist enough.

Speaking of WBAI, producer, host and Operations Director Peter Bochan was just hired as the General Manager of WPKN. Let's hope he doesn't bring the WBAI cancer with him to WPKN.

UPDATE 5/20/09: The mods at NYC-IMC have been busy. They hid 18 comments in the thread.

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I got your "nakba" right here...

Here's a nice bullshit staged propaganda picture, courtesy of the Associated (with terrorists) Press. Most prominent in the photo is the Palestinian Key™.

Hat tip: Little Green Footballs

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Playlist, May 17, 2009

If the station actually had a working internet connection I would have posted my playlist today and tweeted every set. How hard is it to have equipment that works?

Thanks to The String Band for coming down to play our Brunch Concert. I enjoyed your set.

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Ed Palermo CD Release Party at Iridium

Big Band arranger and Zappa enthusiast Ed Palermo has a new CD out. Eddy Loves Frank is available on Cuneiform. A short message from Ed:
The CD release party is all set for Wednesday, June 3 at NYC's Iridium night club. I have a killer show planned, so I hope you can make it. We don't play out that much, so it's a rare opportunity to see this band in action.
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunday Brunch Concerts

This Sunday, May 17th, 12:00 noon
The String Band

Come to our living room studio and join our live audience. The music begins at 12 SHARP, Admission is free and everyone is welcome. For reservations or directions, call 203-331-9756.

Upcoming dates:

Sunday, June 7th, 12:00 noon
The Juicy Grapes

Sunday, June 21st, 1:00 p.m.
The Harris Brothers Balkan Band
This concert will be at the Kasbah Garden Cafe, 105 Howe Street, New Haven

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It's hard to sell an unpopular product, Exhibit B

Al Jazeera reports on WBAI's financial problems.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The other shoe drops at WBAI

The Daily News picked up what was reported on a WBAI message board over the weekend. Program Director Bernard White has been suspended and banned from the premises. The lock reportedly has been changed on his office. In addition, the Radio Listener's Forum board reports that producer Ayo Harrington has also been suspended.

Previously on WBAI Meltdown '09:

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playlist, May 10, 2009

Thanks to Janet Golden for filling in this morning while I coached tee-ball.

Set One
Papa Grows Funk; Slapjack; Mr. Patterson's Hat (2007 Funky Krewe)
Lake Street Dive; Death on Pluto; Promises, Promises (2008 Fyo)
Denise Donatelli; Crystal Silence; What Lies Within (2008 Savant)
Anthony Branker & Ascent; Ascent; Blessings (2009 Origin)
[mic break 1:13 p.m.]

Set Two
Christopher Roberts; Hornbills; Trios for Deep Voices (2009 Cold Blue)
Corona Guitar Kvartet; Astor Piazzolla, Fuga y Misterio; Bach, Ravel. Morley, Hseuh-Yung Shen, Piazzolla (2008 Albany)
David Gans; Echolalia; The Ones That Look the Weirdest Taste the Best (2008 Perfectible)
The Roches; Losing True; Keep on Doing (1982 Warner Bros)
The Duhks; This Fall; Fast Paced World (2008 Sugar Hill)
[mic break 1:38 p.m.]

Set Three
New Riders of the Purple Sage; Down the Middle; Where I Come From (2009 Woodstock)
Mark Taylor; Opaque; Spectre (2009 Origin)
Barney McClure Trio; Spot; Spot (2007 OA2)
John Stetch; Sanford & Son; TV Trio (2008 Brux)
[2:00 p.m.]

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Angry children smash windows in San Francisco; Indymediots call for murder of law enforcement officers

I don't know how I missed this one. On May 1st, a group of rampaging "activists" vandalized private property in San Francisco's Union Square.
About a dozen windows of businesses in San Francisco's Union Square neighborhood were broken Friday night, a police sergeant said.

Sgt. Wilfred Williams said a group of suspects in the Union Square area quickly smashed 12 to 15 windows of businesses at about 8:50 p.m.
The write-up on NYC IMC includes comments calling for the murder of local and federal law enforcement. For example:
If any group gets much larger than a squad (6) it is going to be infiltrated by the pigs. If I was in such a group I would want to stay small, stay close (to every member) and stay loose (flexible). One other thing, as a general rule, infiltrants should be made history as soon and brutally as possible.
Even worse than pig infiltrators are the fed/spook surveillance, you know the type: claims to be radical, travels to "revolutionary situations" frequently but with no apparently income or means of support, never actually participates in the actions but is always there video taping everything that goes down...I find the only way to get rid of those fuckers is a bullet to the gut. Send em back to the Spookstation in a box.
One quote from the original post at Indybay sums up the anarchist mentality: "Who cares about the victim if the gesture is beautiful"

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WBAI continues melting down

Pacifica's Interim Executive Director Grace Aaron replaced Tony Riddle, WBAI's General Manager, on May 4th by kicking him upstairs to a no-show position with Pacifica's national office. Pacifica's Interim Chief Financial Officer, LaVarn Williams, takes over. The NYC IMC published the leaked letter from Grace Aaron. The comments, as usual for Indymedia, speak for themselves. 
* You will be reassigned from your current position as station manager of WBAI to the national office as
Development Director.
* Your salary and benefits will remain the same.
* You will work out of your home until further notice, and will report to me as your immediate supervisor.
That's not a bad job offer for someone who nearly ran WBAI into the ground, including allegedly 4 months rent not paid on the studio and 2 months not paid for the antenna.

Speaking of Pacifica, former CFO Lonnie Hicks is suing the Pacifica Foundation. The wrongful termination suit alleges that
Pacifica Radio governance factions use guerrilla warfare to coerce those who are different from themselves along racial and political lines, and "acts in an intolerant, capricious, discriminatory, retaliatory, prejudicial and coercive manner" and "believe that the ends ... justify the means."
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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Playlist, May 3, 2009

Set One
Grateful Dead; Brown Eyed Woman; Dick's Picks 14 (1999 GDP)
Lynne Arriale; Crawfish & Gumbo; Nuance (2009 Motema)
Matt Ulery; The Farm; Themes and Scenes (2009 Woolgathering)
Roni Ben-Hur; Bachianas Barsileiras No. 2, Aria; Signature (2005 Reservoir)
Jon Hassell; Courtrais; Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street (2009 ECM)
Russell Gunn; Love for Sale; Love Stories (20098 Highnote)
[mic break 10:47 a.m.]

Set Two
Jorma Kaukonen; Cracks in the Finish; River of Time (2009 Red House)
David Gans; Like a Dog; The Ones That Look The Weirdest Taste the Best (2008 Perfectible)
New Riders of the Purple Sage; Where I Come From; Where I Come From (2009 Woodstock)
Jackie Greene; Uphill Mountain; Giving up the Ghost (2008 429 Records)
JJ Grey & Mofro; Orange Blossoms; Orange Blossoms (2008 Alligator)
[mic break 11:15 a.m.]

Set Three
George Russell Sextet; Tune Up; In K.C. (1961/2009 Jazz Collectors)
Pnuma Trio; Ending 10 Seconds; Character (
The Bad Plus; Comfortable Numb; For All I Care (2009 Heads Up)
Daniel Sadownick; Bronx Bop; There Will Be A Day (2008 In Time)
[mic break 11:44 a.m.]

Set Four
High Ceiling; Politicians Lie; Illusions (2009 High Ceiling)
Lonnie Smith; Witch Doctor; Jungle Soul (2006 Palmetto)

WPKN Brunch Concert with The McLovins

Set Five
James Moody/Thad Jones; Buster's Last Stand; The Legendary 1963-64 Sessions (2007 Lone Hill Jazz)
Stan Getz/Gerry Mulligan; A Ballad; Getz Meets Mulligan in Hi-Fi (2009 Jazz Track)
Clayton Brothers; Walking Bass; Brother to Brother (2008 ArtistShare)
[mic break 1:16 p.m.]
Shaybnee Rainbolt; What to Do; Sings Russell Garcia (2009)
Steely Dan; Everything Must Go; Everything Must Go (2003 Reprise)
[2:00 p.m.]

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