Sunday, August 25, 2019

Playlist, August 25, 2019


Set One
Rosana Eckert; Sailing Home; Sailing Home (2019 OA2)
Erik Jekabson; Thriller; A Brand New Take (2016 OA2)
Lisa Maxwell’s Jazz Orchestra; Hello, Wayne?; Shiny! (2019 Uncle Marvin Music)

[mic break 10:31 a.m.]

Set Two
Oscar Hernandez; Love the Moment; Love the Moment (2019 Origin)
Greg Abate; Whaling City Sound; Calm Waters, Rolling Swells & Roiling Seas: A Whaling City Sampler (2018 Whaling City Sound)
Moy Eng & Wayne Wallace; Filthy Gorgeous; The Blue Hour (2019 Patois)

[mic break 10:54 a.m.]

Set Three
Manhattan School of Music Jazz Orchestra; Walkin’ About; Salutes the Arrangers: Then and Now (1996 Sea Breeze Vista)
Bill O’Connell and The Afro Caribbean Ensemble; Gospel 6; Wind off the Hudson (2019 Savant)

[mic break 11:15 a.m.]

Set Four
Otis Rush; You’re Breaking My Heart; Cold Day in Hell (1992 Delmark)
Jon Batiste; Round Midnight; Anatomy of Angels (2019 Verve)
Jon Batiste; Anatomy of Angels; Anatomy of Angels (2019 Verve)

[mic break 11:49 a.m.]

Set Five
Bill Barron & Ted Curson; Hurdy Gurdy; The Leopard (1978 Chiaroscuro)
The Bob Brookmeyer Small Band; Moonlight in Vermont; The Bob Brookmeyer Small Band (1978 Gryphon)
New York Voices; Round, Round, Round (Blue Rondo á la Turk); Reminiscing in Tempo (2019 Origin)

[mic break 12:13 p.m.]

Set Six
Joe Beck; Ain’t it Good to be Back Home; Watch the Time (1977 Polydor)
Joe Beck Trio; Georgia on my Mind; Get Me Joe Beck (2014 Whaling City Sound)
Johnny McLaughlin; New York on my Mind; Electric Guitarist (1978 Columbia)
Sea Level; Storm Warning; Cats on the Coast (1977 Capricorn)

[mic break 12:44 p.m.]

Set Seven
Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet; All the Things You Are; The Rhythm of Invention (2019 Patois)
PSA break 12:57 p.m.
The Jazz Tribe; The Straight Caballero; The Jazz Tribe (1992 Red)
Ray Obiedo; Villa Capri; Carousel (2019 Rhythmus)

[mic break 1:23 p.m.]

Set Eight
Robert Watson; Days of Wine and Roses; All Becuase of You (1978 Roulette)
Houston Person; Willow Weep for Me; I’m Just a Lucky So and So (2019 HighNote)
[mic break 1:44 p.m.]
Ronnie Cuber; Star Eyes; Cuber Libre (1976 Xanadu)

[2:00 p.m.]

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Playlist, August 18, 2019


Set One
Extended; Secrets; Harbinger (2019 OA2)
Dan Bern; Regent Street; Regent Street (2019 Kababa)
Rosa Antonelli; Alberto Ginastera: Estancia; Bridges: From Chopin to Piazzolla (2019 Albay)
John Lamkin Quintet/Sextet; Get on up and Get on Down; Transitons (2019)

[mic break 10:30 a.m.]

Set Two
Diego Rivera; Yesterdays; The Contender (2019 D Clef)
Gerry Gibbs & Thrasher People; Kojak; Weather or Not (2017 Whaling City Sound)
Jeremy Pelt; What’s Wrong is Right; Soul (2012 HighNote)

[mic break 10:54 a.m.]

Set Three
Phil Woods; Scrapple from the Apple; Bird’s Night (1984 Savoy Jazz)
Hank Jones & Frank Wess; You Made a Good Move (Hank & Frank)
Rick Wald 16/nyc; Pixilation; Castaneda’s Dreams (2006 Glowbow)

[mic break 11:24 a.m.]

Set Four
Sun Ra; The Beginning; We are in the Future (1984 Savoy Jazz)
Nocolas Bearde; That Sunday, That Summer; I Remember You: The Music of Nat King Cole (2019 Right Groove)
Chick Corea & Stefano Bollani; Jitterbug Waltz; Orvieto (2011 ECM)
Giacomo Gates; This is a Prayer for Everybody; The Revolution will be Jazz: The Songs of Gil Scott-Heron (2011 Savant)

[mic break 11:50 a.m.]

Set Five
Corey Christiansen; Awakening; La Proxima (2019 Origin)
Little Jimmy Scott; Guilty; Little Jimmy Scott (1984 Savoy Jazz)
Le Pause del Silenzio; Here, There and Everywhere; Freedom Jazz Dance (1992 Soul Note)
Electric Squeezebox Orchestra + Voices; In a Sentimental Mood; Matter Is (2019 doubleOone)

[12:16 p.m.]

Set Six
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers; Mr. Babe; Live at Sweet Basil (1986 GNP Crescendo)
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers; Moanin’; Live at Sweet Basil (1986 GNP Crescendo)

[mic break 12:43 p.m.]

Set Seven
Ricardo Peixoto; Simpática; Scary Beautiful (2019)
Elynne Rey; Song to a Seagull; The Birdsongs Project (2019)

[PSA break 12:55 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Today in Jam Band History #TIJBH
Grateful Dead; Victim or the Crime; Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA (1989-08-18)
Grateful Dead; Bird Song; Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA (1989-08-18)
God Street Wine; R U 4 Real; Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY (2012-08-18)
Max Creek; Cocaine Lady; Harry Brown’s Green Love Festival (2018-08-18)
Max Creek; The Weight; Harry Brown’s Green Love Festival (2018-08-18)
Let’s Danza!; Getaway Somehow; Lucille, New York, NY (2017-08-18)

[2:00 p.m.]

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Playlist, August 11, 2019


Set One
Vince Ector; Dex Blues; Theme for Ms. P (2019 American Showplace)
John Medeski’s Mad Skillet; Tuna in a Can; John Medeski’s Mad Skillet (2018 Indirecto)
Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet; El Arroyo; The Rhythm of Invention (2019 Patois)

[mic break 10:22 a.m.]

Set Two
Moy Eng & Wayne Wallace; A New York Moment; The Blue Hour (2019 Patois)
Coco Montoya; Lights are on but Nobody’s Home; Coming in Hot (2019 Alligator)
Ted Nash; Cool; Somewhere Else: West Side Story Songs (2019 Plastic Sax)
The Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra; Aftermath; Along for the Ride (2019 Summit)

[mic break 10:56 a.m.]

Set Three
Jim Allchin; Devil Don’t Sleep; Prime Blues (2018 Sandy Key Music)
L.C. Robinson; Ups and Downs; Ups and Downs (1972 Arhoolie)
Mustafa Khaliq Ahmed; The 41st; Son of the Drum Song (2019 Chaos Music)
Oliver Nelson; Stolen Moments; Blues and the Abstract Truth (1986 Impulse!)
John Coltrane; Part 1 – Acknowledgement; A Love Supreme (1986 Impulse!)
John Coltrane; Part 2 – Resolution; A Love Supreme (1986 Impulse!)

[mic break 11:39 a.m.]

Set Four
New York Voices; Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly; Reminiscing in Tempo (2019 Origin)
Oscar Hernández; Silent Prayers; Love the Moment (2019 Origin)
Mongo Santamaria; Mazacote; Afro-Roots (1972 Prestige)
Pat Bianchi; Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing; In the Moment (2019 Savant)

[mic break 12:12 p.m.]

Set Five 
John Coltrane; Part 3 – Pursuance; A Love Supreme (1986 Impulse!)
John Coltrane; Part 4 – Psalm; A Love Supreme (1986 Impulse!)

[mic break 12:34 p.m.]

Set Six
Teddy Wilson; What a Little Moonlight Can Do; With Billie in Mind (Chiaroscuro)
Jerry Hahn; Aa-Be-In; Jerry Hahn (1972 Arhoolie)
Carole King; Pierre; Really Rosie (1975 Ode)

[PSA break 12:54 p.m.]
Charles Mingus; Celia; Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus (1963 Impulse!)
Charles Mingus; Los Mariachis; Tia Juana Moods (1975 RCA Victor)
Charles Mingus; Mood Indigo; Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus (1963 Impulse!)

[mic break 1:20 p.m.]

Set Seven
Cristina Morrison; De Que Callada Manera (ft. Lena Burke); Impredicible: Voces de Mujer (2019 Baronesa)
Corey Christiansen; With You; La Proxima (2019 Origin)
Rosana Eckert; Coriander Stomp; Sailing Home (2019 OA2)
[mic break 1:40 p.m.]

Set Eight
Suddenly, Tammy!; The Big Guys are Coming; (We Get There When We Do.) (1994 warner Bros)
Walter Trout; Common Ground; Spring Tour EP 2011 (2011 Provogue)
The Four Buddies; Just to See You Smile Again; Complete on Savoy (1989 Savoy Jazz)
Richard “Groove” Holmes; Killer Joe; Blues All Day Long (1989 Muse)

[2:00 p.m.]

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Playlist, August 4, 2019


Set One
Gretje Angell; Them There Eyes; …in any key; (2019 Greylinto)
Vince Ector Organatomy Trio+; To Wisdom the Prize; Theme for Ms. P (2019 American Showplace)
Caesar Frazier; Blues March; Closer to the Truth (2019 Savant)

[mic break 10:21 a.m.]

Set Two
Dave Bass; Agenbite of Inwit; No Boundaries (2019 Whaling City Sound)
Plucky Strum: Sheryl Bailey & Harvie S.; The Hissing of Summer Lawns; Departure (2017 Whaling City Sound)
Ba Cissoko; Badinia; Séno (2009 Sterns)
Patrick Butler; B Major Stew; Sonic Stew 2 (2019)

[mic break 10:47 a.m.]

Set Three
Charlie Parker; Dizzy Atmosphere; Chasin’ the Bird (2005 Proper)
Elliott Carter; Luimen; Volume 4 Speculum Musicae (2001 Bridge)
Koko Taylor; Wang Dang Doodle; Deluxe Edition (2002 Alligator)

[mic break 11:14 a.m.]

Set Four
Dizzy Gillespie with the Mitchell Ruff Duo; Yale Blue Blues; Enduring Magic (1986 BlackHawk)
Monty Alexander; All Blues; Threesome (1986 Soul Note)
Miles Davis & John Coltrane; All Blues (Copenhagen, March 24, 1960); The Final Tour: The Bootleg Series, Volume 6 (2018 Columbia Legacy)

[mic break 11:47 a.m.]

Set Five
The Frank Hailey Trio; Smoothie; Passing it Around (2001 Sea Breeze)
Art Farmer/Jim Hall; A Child is Born; Big Blues (1979 CTI)
John Oswald/Grateful Dead; Transitive Axis; Grayfolded (1994 Swell/Artifact)

[PSA break 12:55 p.m.]
[mic break 1:09 p.m.]

Set Six
Raquel Cepeda; East of the Sun; I’m Confessin’ (2013 Peonia)
Michael Coppola Trio; Stars Fell on Alabama; Return of the Hydra (2001 Kalo)
Metheny Mehldau Quartet; En La Tierra Que No Olvida (2007 Nonesuch)
Elynne Rey; Ornithology/The Bluejay & the Cat; The Birdsongs Project (2019)

[mic break 1:37 p.m.]