Sunday, June 24, 2007

I wasn't expecting this

Jaco Pastorius on VH1's list of top hotel trashers.

Playlist, June 24, 2007

Set One
Papa Grows Funk; Gorillafaceugmopotamust; Mr. Patterson's Hat (2007 Funky Krewe)
Starr Parodi; For What It's Worth; Common Places (2006 Sonicpoppler)
Paul Serrato & Co.; Traces; Pianomania (2007 SDJ)
Misha Tsaganov; Dark Eyes; Always Going West (2007 Powerlight)
McCoy Tyner; The Greeting; Milestone Profiles (2006 Milestone)
[mic break 10:49 a.m.]

Set Two
Kurt Elling; Tight; Nightmoves (2007 Concord)
The Shook-Russo Quartet; No Answer; The Shook-Russo Quartet (2006 Summit)
Larry Willis; Who's Kidding Who; Blue Fable (2007 Highnote)
Robin Eubanks; X-Base; Live Vol. 1 (2007 Robin Eubanks)
Yellowjackets; Mother Earth; Altered State (2005 Heads Up)
Yellowjackets; Youth Eternal; Altered State (2005 Heads Up)
Jazz Is Dead; Eyes of the World; Laughing Water (1999 Zebra)
[mic break 11:45 a.m.]

Set Three
Duke Ellington; The Mooche; Volume 1: 1926-1929 (2005 JSP)
Duke Ellington; East St. Louis Toodle-oo; Volume 1: 1926-1929 (2005 JSP)
Duke Ellington; Hop Head; Volume 1: 1926-1929 (2005 JSP)
The Other Side of Ellington; I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good; The Other Side of Ellington (1999 Palmetto)
Steely Dan; East St. Louis Toodle-oo; Greatest Hits (1978 ABC)
Dr. John; It Don't Mean a Thing; Duke Elegant (2000 Blue Note)
[mic break 12:25 p.m.]

Set Four
Aquarium Rescue Unit; Elevator to the Moon; Warrent Haynes Presents Benefit Concert Volume 2 (2007 Evil Teen)
Assembly of Dust; Speculator; Honest Hour (2004 Hybrid)
Phish; Wading in the Velvet Sea; Hampton Comes Alive (1999 Elektra)
U-Melt; Schizophrenia; Unbelievable Meltdown (2004 nu-Q-lir)
The DIsco Biscuits; Caterpillar; The Wind at Four to Fly (2006 Sci Fidelity)
Grateful Dead; Playing in the Band>The Wheel>Playing (reprise); Dick's Picks Volume 18 (2000 Grateful Dead Productions)
[2:00 p.m.]

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An epic beatdown

When the win probability flatlines that early in the game, when you lose by 9 runs in a four-hit shutout...that's an epic beatdown.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Playlist, June 17, 2007

Set One
Grateful Dead; Eyes of the World; Dick's Picks Vol. 15 9/3/77 (1990 Grateful Dead)
Eldar; Prarie Village; Re-Imagination (2007 Masterworks Jazz)
Paul Serrato & Co.; Flashback; Pianomania (2007 SDJ Music)
Gino Stitson; Y Note?; Bamisphere (2007 Polyvocal)
McCoy Tyner Big Band; Peresina; Journey (1993 Verve)
[mic break 10:44 a.m.]

Set Two
Robin Eubanks & EBB; Me Myself & I; Live Vol. 1 (2007 Robin Eubanks)
Robin Eubanks & EBB; Mojo Jojo Live Vol. 1 (2007 Robin Eubanks)
U-Melt; Green Paper Society; Red Square 10/28/06 (
Jean Luc Ponty; Celtic Steps; The Acatama Experience (2007 Koch)
[mic break 11:23 a.m.]

Set Three
Kenny Barron; Well You Needn't; The Perfect Set (2005 Sunnyside)
David "Fathead" Newman; Girl Talk; Life (2007 Highnote)
Kate McGarry; The Heather on the Hill; The Target (2007 Palmetto)
Vince Norman/Joe McCarthy Big Band; South of Capricorn; Words Cannot Express (2007 OA2)
[mic break 11:59 a.m.]

Set Four
Ron Carter; My Funny Valentine; Dear Miles,; 2006 Blue Note)
Ron DiSalvo; Six Shades of Green; Essense of Green (2007 Origin)
Jessica Johnson; Blue Skies; Till it Happens to You (2007 Jessica Johnson)
Karl Latham; Manic Depression; Resonance (2007 DropzoneJazz Records)
Miles Davis; Spanish Key; Live at the Fillmore East (March 7, 1969) (2001 Sony)
Miles Davis; It's About That Time/Willie Nelson; Live at the Fillmore East (March 7, 1969) (2001 Sony)
[mic break 12:52 p.m.]

Set Five
Wilson, Purdie & Green; Flippity Flop; The Godfathers of Groove (2006 Showplace)
Barney McClure Trio; Opus de Riff; Spot (2007 OA2)
Sam Yahel Trio; A Paz; Truth and Beauty (Origin)
Frank Zappa; Sleep Dirt; Sleep Dirt (1991 Barking Pumpkin)
Frank Zappa; The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution; Sleep Dirt (1991 Barking Pumpkin)
[1:30 p.m.]

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The rectal-cranial inversion

Tonight on WPKN:

  • Report on "a major protest in Washington, D.C. on the 40th anniversary of Israel's illegal military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem."
I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for this report. Is it going to be from Phyllis Bennis? Leslie Cagan? Mazin Qumsiyeh?

Remember, you're welcome to reply to whatever is said.
WPKN's open format allows for many views and opinions, but the views and opinions expressed are those of the person expressing them, not of WPKN itself. We welcome your responses. If you would like to reply, please call the General Manager weekdays at (203) 331-9756, or email
There's a report of the event at The Age of Hooper, including the inspiring and thought-provoking picture above. There are more photos and video here. This Ain't Hell has more. Atlas Shrugs has more video.

UPDATE: The interview wasn't with any of the A-listers I'd hoped for. It was with Omar Masri from the End The Occupation organization.

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Are you threatening me?

Happy thoughts, courtesy of the DC IMC.

And a reminder to everybody:

I stand with Israel.

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Playlist, June 10, 2007

Set One
Donal Fagen, The Nightfly, The Nightly (1982 Warner Bros)
Mike Agranoff; Ballad of the Sandman; The Modern Folk Musician (1993 Mike Agranoff)
Harry Chapin; W*O*L*D; Short Stories (1973 Elektra)
Rush; The Spirit of Radio; Permanent Waves (1980 Phonogram)
[mic break 10:41 a.m.]

Set Two
Jimmy Smith; The Sermon (live); All The Way Live (1981 Milestone)
Charlie Parker; Bird of Paradise; Chasin' the Bird (2005 Proper)
Sonny Rollins; I'm Old Fashioned; Sunny Days, Starry Nights (1984 Milestone)
Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra; Ma'aelsalama; In Pursuit of the 9th Man (2006 Hipnotic)
Joey Calderazzo; Sea Glass; Amanecer (2007 Rounder)
Kate McGarry; Blue in Green; The Target (2007 Palmetto)
Miles Davis; Solar; Walkin' (2006 Concord)
[mic break 11:32 a.m.]

Set Three
Kenny Barron Trio; Solar; Live at Bradley's (2001 Sunnyside)
Stefon Harris & Blackout; Summertime; Evolution (2004 Blue Note)
The Damon Grant Project; Giant Steps; Improvisation (2002 Damon Grant)
Typhani Monique & Neal Alger; Caravan; In This Room (2007 Tymoni)
The Damon Grant Project; Caravan; Improvisation (2002 Damon Grant)
Kahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra; Nu Art Claiming Earth; Transmigration (2007 Delmark)
[mic break 12:27 p.m.]

Set Four
Mike LeDonne; Bones; On Fire (2006 Savant)
Rez Abbasi; Life Goes; Bazaar (2006 Zoho)
Charles Earland Tribute Band; Pick Up The Pieces; Keepers of the Flame (2002 Highnote)
[mic break 1:01 p.m.]

Set Five
Paquito D'Rivera Quintet; Pere; Funk Tango (2007 Paquito)
Sueños Latin-Jazz; Guajira Mi Mujer; Azol Oscuro (2006 Motophone)
Cedar Walton; Serenata; Latin TInge (2002 Highnote)
David Sanchez; Prince of Darkness; Travesia (2001 Columbia)
[mic break 1:28 p.m.]

Set Six
Jean-Luc Ponty, Point of No Return; The Acatama Experience (2007 Koch)
Pat Metheny Group; Imaginary Day; Imaginary Day (1997 Warner Bros)
Grateful Dead; Desolation Row; Postcards of the Hanging (2001 Rhino)
[2:00 p.m.]

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 6, 1944

In memory of and gratitude to those who came ashore against the steel breeze on that morning in France.

Monday, June 04, 2007

40 years ago

BabbaZee has a nice post a radio aircheck of the liberation of Jerusalem and videos of Israel fighting for her life.

THE OUTRAGED SPLEEN OF ZION: June 5, 1967 ~ Am Yisrael Chai!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Playlist, June 3, 2007

Set One
Mothers of Invention; Amerika Drinks; Absolutely Free (1988 Rykodisc)
Donald Fagen; The Nightfly; The Nightly (1982 Warner Bros)
Steve Turre; Thandiwa; Keep Searchin' (2006 Highnote)
Ray Mantilla; Camino Al Cielo Too; Good Vibrations (2006 Savant)
Joel Harrison; Blue Ghosts of Bourbon Street; Harbor (2007 Highnote)
Steve Lacy-Roswell Rudd Quartet; The Bath; Early and Late (2007 Cuneiform)
[mic break 10:56 a.m.]

Set Two
The Visitors-Earl Grubbs/Carl Grubbs; In My Youth; In My Youth (1972 Muse)
The Visitors-Earl Grubbs/Carl Grubbs; The Juggler; In My Youth (1972 Muse)
Kahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra; Soul to Groove; Transmigration (2007 Delmark)
Kahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra; Transmigration; Transmigration (2007 Delmark)
[mic break 11:30 a.m.]

Set Three
Gary Burton & Stephane Grappelli; Here's That Rainy Day; Paris Encounter (1972 Atlantic)
Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle; Harris County; Battery Milk (2007 Hyena)
Andrew Distel; The Window Across the Way; Stepping Out of a Dream (2007 Madandy)
Joey Calderazzo; Sea Glass; Amanecer (2007 Rounder)
Hiromi; Open Door - Tuning - Prologue (From Music for Three-Piece Orchestra); Spiral (2005 Telarc)
[mic break 12:05 p.m.]

Set Four
Arturo Sandoval & the Latin Jazz Orchestra; Turi; Arturo Sandoval & the Latin Jazz Orchestra (2006 Malanga)
Sueños Latin-Jazz; Azul Oscuro; Azul Oscuro (2006 Motophone)
Mingus Big Band; Eclipse; Tonight at Noon (2001 Dreyfus)
Cliff Eberhardt; The High Above and the Down Below; The High Above and the Down Below (2007 Red House)
Joey DeFrancesco; S'Bout Time; The Philadelphia Connection (2002 Highnote)
[mic break 12:59 p.m.]

Set Five
Joey DeFrancesco; Oleo; The Philadelphia Connection (2002 Highnote)
Papa Grows Funk; Gone Gonzo; Mr. Patterson's Hat (2007 Funky Krewe)
Weather Report; Freezing Fire; Tale Spinnin' (1975 Columbia)
Medeski Martin & Wood; Hypnotized; Note Bleu (2006 Blue Note)
The Firesign Theatre; Driving for Dopers; Dear Friends (1972 Columbia)
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre; The Underwater World of Jacques Cocteau (1989 Rounder)
Bethany & Rufus; St. James Infirmary; 900 Miles (2006 Hyena)
Jimi Hendrix; Little Wing; Hendrix in the West (1972 Reprise)
[mic break 1:44 p.m.]

Set Six
Sueños Latin-Jazz; Hiroshi; Azul Oscuro (2006 Motophone)
Arturo Sandoval; New Cha-Cha; Rumba Palace (2007 Telarc)
[2:00 p.m.]

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