Saturday, January 28, 2017

Playlist, January 29, 2017


Updates at the end of each set, beginning at 10 AM.
12:00 noon – Interview with Ronnie Penque (NRPS) & Mark Diomede (Juggling Suns) about the Penque-Diomede Band.
1:00 PM – Singer-songwriter and activist Dylan Connor.

Set One
Nate Najar; 500 Miles High; This is Nate Najar (2016 Candid Productions)
Carol Robbins; Grey River; Taylor Street (2016 Jazzcats)
Jimmy Scott; How Deep is the Ocean; I Go Back Home (2017 Eden River)
Eddie Palmieri; Shékere Agent Man; La Perfecta II (2002 Concord Picante)
[mic break 10:22 a.m.]

Set Two
Jason Hainsworth; Prince of Darkness; Third Ward Stories (2016 Origin)
Hank Jones; 'Round Midnight; 'Bop Redux (1977 Muse)
Bobby Hutcherson; Knucklebean; Knucklebean (1977 Blue Note)
[mic break 10:53 a.m.]

Set Three
Lucy Woodward; Live Live Live; Til They Bang on the Door (2016 Ground UP)
Ben Paterson; I've Never Been in Love Before; For Once in My Life (2015 Origin)
Dinah Washington; Blue Gardenia; The Jazz Sides (1976 Mercury)
James Moody; Freedom Jazz Dance; Never Again! (1972 Muse)
[mic break 11:21 a.m.]

Set Four
The Roches; The Hallelujah Chorus; Keep on Doing (1982 Warner)
The Roches; Losing True; Keep on Doing (1982 Warner)
The Roches; This Feminine Position; Nurds (1980 Warner)
[mic break 11:37 a.m.]

Set Five
Sandy Cressman; Para Hermeto; Entre Amigos (2016 Cressman Music)
Frank Zappa; Uncle Meat (Live at Columbia University 1969); Meat Light (2016 Zappa)
Juggling Suns; Twilight Dance; Smokin' Joe's, Crystal Springs, WV (3/19/2004)
Interview with Ronnie Penque & Mark Diomede
New Riders of the Purple Sage; Wookie Kids; Caspar Inn, Caspar, CA (7/23/2015)
[mic break 12:33 p.m.]

Set Six
Umphrey's McGee; Der Bluten Kat; College Street Music Hall, New Haven, CT (1/26/2017)
Umphrey's McGee; Final Word; College Street Music Hall, New Haven, CT (1/26/2017)
Umphrey's McGee; Der Bluten Kat (reprise); College Street Music Hall, New Haven, CT (1/26/2017)
[PSA break 12:58 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Dylan Connor
[2:00 p.m.]

Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22nd in Jam Band History

Cornmeal; Cornmeal In The Kitchen; Chicago, IL (1/22/2005)
Cornmeal; Sheep; Chicago, IL (1/22/2005)
Baja Dunes; I Feel the Earth Move; Richland, WA (1/22/2011)
Baja Dunes; Do it Again; Richland, WA (1/22/2011)
Zen Tricksters; Warm Heart > jam > I'll Take a Melody; Brooklyn Bowl (1/22/2013)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Playlist, January 22, 2017


And a groovadelic good morning to you!
Updates begin after the first set. Follow the playlist live on Twitter @davidgolden99.

Set One
Planet D Nonet; Just A-Sittin and A-Rockin'; A Salute to Strayhorn (2016 Detroit Music Factory)
The Power Quintet; But Beaituful; High Art (2016 HighNote)
Wallace Roney; Around and Through; A Place in Time (2016 HighNote)
[mic break 10:24 a.m.]

Set Two
Carol Robbins; Trekker; Taylor Street (2017 Jazzcats)
Jim Rotondi; Miller Time; Destination Up (2001 Sharp Nine)
Kenny Garrett; Persian Steps; Do Your Dance! (2015 Mack Avenue)
Milt Jackson; Three Little Words; The Art of Milt Jackson (1975 Atlantic)
[mic break 11:00 a.m.]

Set Three
Black Olive Jazz; Surrey with the Fringe on Top; Exotica (2016 Black Olive Jazz)
Count Basie; Topsy; Basically Basie: Studio Dates 1937-1945 (2005 JSP)
Jason Hainsworth; I Plead Da Fif; Third Ward Stories (2016 Origin)
[mic break 11:21 a.m.]

Set Four
H.M.A. Salsa/Jazz Orchestra; It Could Only Be You; California Salsa (1991 Sea Breeze Jazz)
Rickie Lee Jones; Runaround; The Magazine (1984 Warner)
Tyrone Shoelaces; In the Garden; Shoot the Radio (2016 Rabbit House)
Hendrick Meurkens; Naima; A View from Manhattan (1993 Concord)
[mic break 11:49 a.m.]

Set Five
Ted Dunbar; Entrance; Opening Remarks (1978 Xanadu)
Cyrus Chestnut; I Cover the Waterfront; Natural Essence (2016 HighNote)
Andrea Claburn; Turn Out the Stars; Nightshade (2016 Lot 49 Labs)
Juan Carlos Polo; Outro – "Mi Chini"; Insomnio (2016 One Trick Dog)
Steely Dan; Here at the Western World; Greatest Hits (1978 ABC)
[mic break 12:21 p.m.]

Set Six

Pat Metheny Group; Tell it All; First Circle (1984 ECM)
Frank Zappa; Twenty One; Chicago '78 (2016 Vaulternative)
Brian Auger & Julie Tippetts; No Time to Live; Encore (1978 Warner)
Octobop; Baby Elephant Walk; Out of Nowhere (2013 Mystic Lane)
[mic break 12:52 p.m.]

Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 15h in Jam Band History


Rumpke Mountain Boys; Way to Go Home; Dantes, Frostburg, MD (1/15/2016)
Rumpke Mountain Boys; One Too Many Mornings; Dantes, Frostburg, MD (1/15/2016)

Rumpke Mountain Boys; Way to Go Home; Dantes, Frostburg, MD (1/15/2016)
God Street Wine; Bring Back the News; Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY (1/16/2016)
God Street Wine; Goodnight Gretchen; Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY (1/16/2016)
God Street Wine; Goodbye Oklahoma; Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY (1/16/2016)
Percy Hill; Rush Hour Traffic >; Union College, Schenectady, NY (1/15/2000)
Percy Hill; Casa de Vino >; Union College, Schenectady, NY (1/15/2000)
Percy Hill; Light Up or Leave Me Alone >; Union College, Schenectady, NY (1/15/2000)
Percy Hill; Rush Hour Traffic; Union College, Schenectady, NY (1/15/2000)

[2:00 p.m.]

Playlist, January 15, 2017


And a groovadelic good morning to you!

Set One
Bill Molenhof & Friends; Argentina Toodle-oo/El Gaucho; Jazz Winds of Patagonia (2016)
Gustavo Cortiñas; Filfolía; Esse (2017 OA2)
Sergio Pereira; Chega Ai; Swingando (2016)
Jim Pearce; Even Big Monsters Love Music; You are an Edgy Visionary Seer (2013)
[mic break 10:28 a.m.]

Set Two
Andrea Claburn; Lionheart; Nighshade (2016)
Juan Carlos Polo; Ratisfunky; Insomnio (2016)
Octobop; Pink Panther; Very Early (2006)
Henry Threadgill; Like it Feels; Makin' a Move (1995 Columbia)
[mic break 10:56 a.m.]

Set Three
Ray Barretto & New World Spirit; Work Song; Taboo (1994 Concord)
Mel Graves; Cave Dwellers; Three Worlds (1980 1759 Arch)
The Skatelites; Flowers for Albert; Hi-Bop Ska (1994 Shanachie)
Mark Murphy; Lazy Afternoon; Kerouac, Then and Now (1989 Muse)
[mic break 11:28 a.m.]

Set Four
Oscar Peterson; Caravan; Live at the Northsea Jazz Festival (1981 Pablo)
Jimmy Scott; Poor Butterfly; I Go Back Home (2017 Eden River)
Orange, Then Blue; Kamikaze; While You Were Out (1992 GM)
The One O'Clock Lab Band; Lemon Juice; Lab 2016 (2016 North Texas Jazz)
[mic break 12:02 p.m.]

Set Five
Jay Hoggard; Blues Bags; Overview (1989 Muse)
Larry Goldings; So Danço Samba; Caminhos Cruzados (1994 Novus)
Pat Metheny; Day Trip; Day Trip (2008 Nonesuch)
Frank Zappa; Black Napkins; Chicago '78 (2016 Vaulternative)
Lee Michaels; Mad Dog; Live (1972 A & M)
Jefferson Airplane; Feel So Good; Thirty Seconds Over Winterland (1973 Grunt)
[PSA break 12:53 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Today in Jam Band History

Sunday, January 08, 2017

January 8th in Jam Band History

Sunday Brunch Concert: Today in Jam Band History
Moonalice; Happy Endings; Anchorage, AK (1/8/2008)
Moonalice; Dusty Streets of Cairo; Anchorage, AK (1/8/2008)
New Monsoon; Trippy Keys/Reggae Jam > Tallahassee, FL (1/8/2004)
New Monsoon; Downstream; Beta Bar, Tallahassee, FL (1/8/2004)
Harmonicasters; Later On; Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA (1/8/2005)
Harmonicasters; That's Alright Mama; Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA (1/8/2005)
Mike Mizwinski; Pen-Y-Bryn Road; Phoenixville, PA; (1/8/2011)

[2:00 p.m.]

Playlist, January 8, 2016


Set One
Afro Peruvian Trenda Orquestra; Minor Misdeaminor; Uniting Beats (Bluespiral)
Afro Bop Alliance Big Band; Family of Four; Revelation (2016 OA2)
[mic break 10:23 a.m.]

Set Two
The Dave Liebman Group; Ugly Beauty; Expansions Live (2016 Whaling City Sound)
Reza Vali; Sorna; (Folk Songs, Set No. 17); The Ancient Call (2016 Albany)
Zappa/Mothers; The Uncle Meat Variations; Meat Light (2016 Zappa)
[mic break 10:52 a.m.]

Set Three
George Duke; You and Me; Shine On (2016 Sony)
Lambchop; Old Masters; FLOTUS (2016 Merge)
Tyrone Shoelaces; 06850; Shoot the Radio (2016)
Tyrone Shoelaces; Closing Time Revisited; Shoot the Radio (2016)
Black Olive Jazz; Lotus Land; Exotica (2016 SaxVox)
Charles Mingus; Moves; Mingus Moves (1999 32 Jazz)
[mic break 11:23 a.m.]

Set Four
String Trio of New York; Ruby, My Dear; Intermobility (1993 Arabesque)
Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom; Levtronic Blues; B-3 Blues and Grooves (1993 Rounder)
C.J. Chenier; Au Contraire, Mon Frère; The Big Squeeze (1996 Alligator)
Charles Lloyd Quartet; Forest Flower; Montreux 82 (1983 Elektra Musician)
[mic break 11:53 a.m.]

Set Five
McCoy Tyner; The Greeting; Supertrios (1977 Milestone)
McCoy Tyner; Stella By Starlight; Supertrios (1977 Milestone)
Randy Crawford; I Stand Accused; Raw Silk (1979 Warner Bros)
Bruce Forman; Mood Indigo; In Transit (1983 Muse)
[mic break 12:24 p.m.]

Set Six
Juan Carlos Polo; Insomnio; Insomnio (2017)
Mezz Mezzrow & his Orchestra; Sendin' the Vipers; Reefer Madness (compilation) (1979 Stash)
Tim Weisberg; California Memories; Do Dah (1976 A & M)
Frank Zappa; Little House I Used to Live In; Chicago '78 (2016 Vaulternative)

[PSA break 12:54 p.m.]

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Playlist, January 1, 2017


And a groovadelic new year to you!

Set One
Nu Haven Kapelye; Dovidl Bazezt Die Kalleh; What's Nu? (2016 Reckless DC)
Chris Rogers; Ballad for B.R.; Voyage Home (2016 Art of Life)
King Naat Veliov & the Original Koçani Orkestar; Zinkino Kolo; Cigance (2001 Dunya)
[mic break 10:27 a.m.]

Set Two
Miles Davis; Budo; Birth of the Cool (1989 Capitol Jazz)
Bill Molenhof & Friends; Argentina Toodle-oo/El Gaucho; Jazz Winds of Patagonia (2015)
Kaylé Brecher; The Gift;' This is Life (2016)
Cedar Walton; Over the Rainbow; Voices Deep Withing (2009 HighNote)
[mic break 10:53 a.m.]

Set Three
The Joe Sealy Trio; Clear Vision; Clear Vision (1982 Sackville)
Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra; Once Around; All My Yesterdays (2016 Resonance)
[mic break 11:19 a.m.]

Set Four
The Count Basie Orchestra; Till Tom Special; Basically Basie: Studio Dates 1937-1945 (2005 JSP)
Groove Holmes; Ode to Larry Young; Broadway (1982 Muse)
Roosevelt Sykes; Security Blues; Chicago Boogie (2004 Delmark)
Clarence Gatemouth Brown; Dollar Got the Blues; Alright Again! (1981 Rounder)
Alyssa Allgood; Mirrors; Out of the Blue (2016 JeRu Jazz)
Red Norvo; Blue Skies; Red Norvo (1997 VDisc)
The Count Basie Orchestra; Mama Don't Want No Peas An' Rice An' Coconut Oil; Basically Basie: Studio Dates 1937-1945 (2005 JSP)
[mic break 11:48 a.m.]

Set Five
Kenny Barron Trio; Minority; The Moment (1992 Reservoir)
Kenny Barron Trio; Fragile; The Moment (1992 Reservoir)
Lou Donaldson; Shuckin' Blues; Sweet Poppa Lou (1981 Muse)
Miles Davis; The Maids of Cadiz; Miles Ahead (1987 Colubbia Legacy)
The Uptown String Quartet; Moose the Mooche; Just Wait a Minute! (1992 Blue Moon)
Larry Corban; In-Vision; Corban Nation (2016 Nabroc)
[mic break 12:29 p.m.]

Set Six
Octobop; Jeru; Night Lights (2002)
The Marcus King Band; Self-Hatred; The Marcus King Bsnd (2016 Concord)
Frank Zappa; Yo Mama; Chicago '78 (2016 Vaulternative)
[PSA break 12:55 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: New Year Phish
Phish; Sweet Adeline; Madison Square Garden (12/29/2016)
Phish; Peaches en Regalia; Madison Square Garden (12/29/2016)
Phish; Twenty Years Later; Madison Square Garden (12/29/2016)
Phish; Kung; Madison Square Garden (12/29/2016)
Phish; Wingsuit; Madison Square Garden (12/28/2016)
Phish; Gumbo; Madison Square Garden (12/30/2016)
Phish; Cities; Madison Square Garden (12/30/2016)
Phish; Divided Sky; Madison Square Garden (12/31/2016)

[2:00 p.m.]