Friday, August 24, 2007

Worm Town needs your help!

I'm passing this message on from the woman who ran the Worm Town Kids Tent at the Gathering of the Vibes. She lost almost everything in Seaside Park and needs your help.

Monday when we packed up the Kids Tent...

We all worked extremely long hours, and put sooo much time and effort into this years Vibes Kids Zone. We had workshops on all days, (4 on Saturday), the Parade, Andy the Music Man was awesome, the volunteers were incredible, face painters were nuts, the Teen Scene was outta sight. It was BY FAR the best we've ever done with just under 500 children, and I felt most triumphant.

Everything was packed and separated: Bins going to Bisco and bins to store for WormFest.

On Monday afternoon, I had to get my vehicle to the garage before closing and I left the Kids Tent stuff unattended at 1pm waiting to be packed into the Penske. Sometime between 3pm & 4pm, ALL of the Kids Tent bins had been completely riffled through and mostly stolen.

They took all of the equipment, lights, cords, tools, spray paint. They demolished our Boo-Boo Station with diapers, wipes, sanitizer, sun block and bug spray. They stole all of our art kits, beads, staplers, scissors and glue...everything. Except for the bag of stuffed animals, and the bins of old busted up toys. They left all the big Plastic motor toys, board games, and bins of paper.

It was my fault for not having stayed with the stuff knowing the Park was then open to the public. With 3 kids in tow , a poorly running set of wheels and an exhausted crew, I told myself it would be fine, for an hour or two.

When I got to Bisco and saw what was left of the Kids Tent that has taken me 6 years to collect, after yelling and swearing my head off, I cried my eyes out. I felt completely defeated.

So, I come to you, Vibe Tribe. If anyone has any donations they can kick out to the Kids Tent at WormFest next month, we would be eternally grateful!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Playlist, August 19, 2007

Set One
Avishai Cohen; Parto Forte; After the Big Rain (2007 Anzic)
Weather Report; Black Market; 8:30 (1979 Columbia)
Weather Report; Scarlet Woman; 8:30 (1979 Columbia)
[mic break 10:41 a.m.]

Set Two
Daniel Smith; Mood Indigo; The Swingin' Bassoon (2007 Guild)
Sophie Millman; Rocket Love; Make Someone Happy (2007 Linus)
Ragan Whiteside; Gonna Fly; Class Axe (2007 Randis)
Lisa Hilton; Both Sides Now; The New York Sessions (2007 Ruby Slippers)
[mic break 11:00 a.m.]

Set Three
James Spaulding; Bleeker Street Blues; Blues Nexus (1994 Muse)
Alexa Weber Morales; Goddess of War; Vagabundeo/Wanderings (2007 Patois)
Arturo Sandoval & His Group; Para Empezar a Vivir; Arturo Sandoval & His Group (2007 Malanga)
Dee Daniels; Another Star; Jazzinit (2007 Origin)
[mic break 11:30 a.m.]

Pledge break

Set Four
Daniel Smith; Home at Last; The Swingin' Bassoon (2007 Guild)
Daniel Smith; A Night in Tunisia; The Swingin' Bassoon (2007 Guild)
Pledge break
Joey DeFrancesco; I Get a Kick Out of You; Plays Sinatra His Way (2004 Highnote)
Ratdog; Two Djinn>Stuff; 8/11/2007 Gathering of the Vibes
Derek Trucks; This Sky; Songlines (2006 Sony)
Darrell Scott; Folsom Prison/White Freightliner Blues; Live in NC (2006 Full Light)
[mic break 1:34 a.m.]

Set Five
Monty Alexander; You Are the Sunshine of My Life; Now is the Time (1974 PA USA)
Pat Martino; Noshufuru; The Maker (1995 Evidence)
John Pizzarelli; Honeysuckle Rose; Dear Mr. Cole (1994 Novus)
[2:00 p.m.]

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blogging of the Vibes

Saturday night backstage. Janet met Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay.

The festival is about as packed as you could imagine. Everybody is piled in for Ratdog. Les Claypool is on stage now, playing his bass-banjo and wearing a pig mask.

Best picture from GOTV:

Playlist, August 11, 2007

Set One
Judy Mowatt; Row Jimmy; Fire on the Mountain: Reggae Celebrates the Grateful Dead (1996 Pow Wow)
The Bobs; The Golden Road; Cover the Songs of... (1994 Rounder)
Jun Jun Clinic; Scarlet Begonias; The Electronic Tribute to the Grateful Dead (2002 Vitamin)
Grateful Dead; Playing in the Band; Hundred Year Hall (1995 Arista)
[mic break 5:14 a.m.]

Set Two
Professor Louie & the Crowmatix: Jack-a-Roe; Flyin' High (Woodstock)
Garth Hudson; Dark Star; The Sea to the North (Breeze Hill)
Grateful Dead/John Oswald; 73rd Star Bridge Sonata; Grayfolded (Plunderphonics)
[mic break 5:47 a.m.]

Set Three
Nanci Griffith; Boots of Spanish Leather; Other Voices/Other Rooms (1993 Elektra)
Darrell Scott; Helen of Troy, PA: Live in NC (2004 Full Light)
Sam Bush; White Bird; Laps in Seven (2006 Sugar Hill)
Frank Zappa; Sleep Dirt>The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution; Sleep Dirt (1979/1991 Barking Pumpkin)
[mic break 6:26 a.m.]

Set Four
The Derek Trucks Band; Sailing On; Songlines (2006 Sony)
Frank Zappa; Easy Meat; 1980-10-17 Dallas
Ozric Tentacles; Yaboop Yaboop; Sliding Gliding Worlds (2000 Snapper)
Allan Holdsworth; Three Sheets to the Wind; Road Games (1983 Warner Bros)
Brand X; Dance of the Illegal Aliens; Product (1979 Passport)
[mic break 7:03 a.m.]

Set Five
Christian McBride; Out Jam/Via Mwandishi; Live at Tonic (2006 Ropeadope)
Sheila Chandra; Speaking in Tongues III; The Zen Kiss (1994 Real World)
Bruford; Seems Like a Lifetime Ago; Feels Good to Me (1977 Polydor)
The Bobs; Kill Your Television; Plugged (1995 Rounder)
Frank Zappa; City of Tiny Lites; You Can't Do That On Stage Any More Volume 5 (1992 Rykodisk)
[mic break 7:45 a.m.]

Set Six
The Bobs; Strawberry Fields Forever; Cover the Songs of... (1994 Rounder)
Grateful Dead Weather Medley
[8:00 a.m.]

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Blogging of the Vibes

We're in the middle of the second day of the Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport's Seaside Park. Railroad Earth is playing right now, sounding good on Radio Vibes. It's been a lot of work setting up this broadcast, but we've been on the air since yesterday morning. Working with Tiger Rose has been fun. We are in a production tent behind the stage with our own plasma screen to watch the video feed. It was sweltering in there yesterday, but today it was a great place to stay out of the rain. I'm home now, warm and dry.

Wavy Gravy summed it up best this afternoon: "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing."

Almost everybody is having a good time, although I'm sure you could find a few complainers in the crowd. U-Melt played a great set to kick things off yesterday, and Dark Star Orchestra with Donna Jean sitting in was amazing.

You can hear most of the festival on WPKN all weekend.

Oh yes, the Bridgeport police ride around on Segways.
UPDATE: (7/28/08) I'm not sure why this page is getting so many visits, but I guess it's because we're so close to the Vibes. There's coverage on the Radio Vibes on WPKN blog, and personal observations here on this blog.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Playlist, August 5, 2007

Set One
Karl Latham; Higher Ground; Resonance (2007 DropzoneJazz)
Dan McMillion Jazz Orchestra; Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me; High Octane (2006 Sea Breeze Jazz)
Arturo Sandoval & The Latin Jazz Orchestra; Turi; Arturo Sandoval & The Latin Jazz Orchestra (2007 Malanga)
Grateful Dead; Eyes of the World; Dick's Picks 17 (2000 GDP)
[mic break 10:52 a.m.]

Set Two
Alexa Weber Morales; Ave Rara; Vagabundeo/Wanderings (2007 Patois)
Bebel Gilberto; Night and Day; Momento (2007 Ziriguiboom)
Joey Calderazzo; Amanecer; Amanecer (2007 Marsalis)
Charmaine Clamor; My Funny Brown Pinay; Flippin' Out (2007 FreeHam)
[mic break 11:21 a.m.]

Set Three
Professor Louie & the Crowmatix; Jack-a-Roe; Flyin' High (Woodstock)
Ryan Montbleau Band; One Fine Color; One Fine Color (2006 7 not0
Charlie Musselwhite; In Your Darkest Hour; One Night in America (2002 Telarc)
Mark Hummel; Sometimes Baby; Golden State Blues (2002 Electro-Fi)
Lowell Fulson; Stormin' and Rainin'; 1946 to 1953 (JSP)
[mic break 11:51 a.m.]

Set Four
Conrad Herwig; Solar; Sketches of Spain Y Mas: The Latin Side of Miles Davis (2006 Halfnote)
Miles Davis; Tout de Suite; Filles de Kilimanjaro (2002 Sony)
Grady Tate; Everybody Loves my Baby; From the Heart (2006 Halfnote)
[mic break 12:29 p.m.]

Set Five
Darby Dizard; This Time the Dream's on Me; Down for You (2004 One Soul)
Ryan Haines Big Band; Wednesday's Friend; People & Places (2006 Sea Breeze)
Ali Ryerson; My One and Only Love; Jammin' at the Jazz Corner (2007 Sweet Jazz)
Etta Jones; Second Time Around; Always in Our Hearts (2004 Highnote)
Irene Reid; Second Time Around; Movin' Out (2003 Savant)
Mike LeDonnne; You'll See; Smokin' Out Loud (2004 Savant)
[mic break 1:32 p.m.]

Set Six
John Hicks; Angel with a Briefcase; Music in the Key of Clark (2002 Highnote)
Avishai Cohen; Smash; As Is...Live at the Blue Note (2007 HalfNote)
[2:00 p.m.]

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