Sunday, March 28, 2010

Playlist, March 28, 2010

Set One
Peter Madsen Trio; Chillin' at the Cottage; The Litchfield Trio (2010 Playscape Recordings)
Debbie Poyres; I Should Care; Catch Your Breath (2010 OA2)
Ella Fitzgerald; It's Delovely; The Cole Porter Songbook vol. 2 (1984 Verve)
Count Basie; Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea; Basically Basie: The Singers (2005 JSP)
[mic break 10:29 a.m.]

Set Two
Roberta Donnay; Stop This Train; What's Your Story? (2007 Pacific Coast Jazz)
Pamela Luss; I Can't Get Out of This Mood; Sweet and Saxy (2009 Savant)
Steve Colson; Parallel Universe; The Untarnished Dream (2009 Silver Sphinx)
Frank Sinatra; I Get a Kick Out of You; Live in Australia 1959 (1997 Blue Note)
Yuko Ito; Qui Nem Liló; Mania De Voce (2009 Funny Baby Face)
[mic break 10:56 a.m.]

Set Three
Grateful Dead; Playing in the Band > Franklin's Tower > I Need A Miracle > Playin' jam // The Wheel > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Playin' (reprise); 3/28/86 Portland, ME
[mic break 11:44 a.m.]

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Playlist, March 21, 2010


Set One
Donna Jean & the Tricksters; So Hard; Donna Jean & the Trickster (2007 Heart of Gold)
The Peter Hand Big Band; Ill Wind; The Wizard of Jazz (2009 Savant)
Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderly; Happy Talk; Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderly (1993 Capitol)
Anne Drummond; Spring; Like Water (2009 ObliqSound)
Pamela Luss; You Belong to Me; Sweet & Saxy (2009 Savant)
Two O'Clock Lab Band; When I'm Sixty-Four; Too Two (2009 North Texas Jazz)
Vince Norman/Joe McCarthy Big Band; Ah Dju Bah; Bright Future (2010 OA2)
[mic break 10:44 a.m.]

Set Two
K.J. Denhert; Over the Rainbow; Lucky 7 (2007 Motema)
Cedar Walton; Over the Rainbow; Voices Deep Within (2009 HighNote)
Roberto Badoglio; Inner Urge; re-evaluation-time (2010 Spice-Rack)
Keith Price; Pablo's Trio; Breakfast of Champions (2009
Yuko Ito; Berimbau; Mania de Voce (2009 Funny baby Face)
John Ellis and Double-Wide; Okra & Tomatoes; Puppet Mischief (2010 ObliqSound)
[mic break 11:30 a.m.]

Set Three
Jimmy Smith; The Big Brawl; The Cat Strikes Again (2009 Inner City)
Melvin Seals & JGB; Sisters & Brothers; 8/2/2009
Melvin Seals & JGB; The Deal; 8/2/2009
John Hiatt; Like a Freight Train; The Open Road (2010 New West)
PSA break
The Tall Pines; Dreamin'; The Tall Pines (2007)
Joni Mitchell; The Last Time I Saw Richard; Blue (1971 Reprise)
Joni Mitchell; Goodbye Pork Pie Hat; Mingus (1979 Asylum)
Garaj Mahal; Faster Than The Speed Of Time; More Mr. Nice Guy (Owl Studios)
Garaj Mahal; Tachyonics; More Mr. Nice Guy (Owl Studios)
[mic break 12:22 p.m.]

Set Four
Michael Cleary Band; Mr. Positive; Tales from the Cup (the Coffeehouse Archives) (2004)
Michael Cleary Band; Uptight Song; Tales from the Cup (the Coffeehouse Archives) (2004)
The Tall Pines; Golden Joe'; The Tall Pines (2007)
Matt Bunsen and the Burners; Jessie; Greatest Hits (2009
The Disco Biscuits; Über Glue; Planet Anthem (2010 Diamond Riggs)
Jean-Luc Ponty; King Kong; King Kong (1993 Blue Note)
GRProject; Ol For; Sculptures in Time (2009 WUC)
[mic break 12:59 p.m.]

Set Five
Kristine Mills; I Wish; Bossanovafied (2009 Kristine Mills)
Elli w/Jim Malloy Fordyce; One Note Samba; Something Still Cool (2007 Elli Fordyce)
Marc Pompe; Good Bait; Hi-Fly (2009 Marc Pompe)
Michael Treni; Unity; Turnaround (2009 The Bell)
Frank Kimbrough; Six; Rumors (2010 Palmetto)
Kyle Hollingsworth; Phat Cat; And Then There's Now (2009 SCI Fidelity)
Miguel Kertsman; Tomorrow's Desert; Time? What's Time (2009 Aurua Sounds)
[mic break 1:41 p.m.]

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

FUNdraising time with Janet, Zeeto, and me

Janet talks up WPKN. Support community radio. Call 203-384-975.

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Playlist, March 7, 2010

Archive audio: (the whole show)

Set One
Julian Yeo; Deep Purple; Deep Purple Dreams (2010 Yeomo Productions)
Vincent Herring; The Loop; Simple Peasures (2001 HighNote)
Steve Colson; Maybe; The Untarnished Dream (2009 Silver Sphinx)
[mic break 10:31 a.m.]

Set Two
Ahmad Jamal; Flight to Russia; Quiet Time (2009 Dreyfus Jazz)
Lin McPhillips; I Don't Miss You/In My Solitude; My Shining Hour (2009 Lin McPhillips)
Claudio Roditi; Blues for Ronni; Simpatico (2010 Resonance)
Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze; Lountang; Sira (2009 ObliqSound)
[mic break 10:59 a.m.]

Set Three
Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze; Faro; Sira (2009 ObliqSound)
Dave LeMieux and House of Soul; Acknowledgement (A Love Supreme); Jazz Shaped (2009 Dave LeMieux)
Dan Dean; Lover Man; 2-5-1 (2010 Origin)
EEA; The Dark; The Dark (2010 Origin)
Interview with Volker Goetze
Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze; Manssani Cisse (2009 ObliqSound)
[mic break 11:46 a.m.]

Set Four
Ryan Montbleau Band; The Boat Song; One Fine Color (2006 7not records)
Brewer & Shipley; Witchi-Tai-To; Weeds
Steely Dan; The Royal Scam; The Royal Scam (1976 MCA)
Kristine Mills; Burden of Choice; Bossanovafied (2009 Kristine Mills Music)
The Ed Palermo Big Band; Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance; Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (2006 Cuneiform)
Ernesto Cervini; Little Black Bird; Little Black Bird (2009 Anzic)
[mic break 12:30 p.m.]

Set Five
Interview with Somi

Somi; Prayer to the Saint of the Brokenhearted; If the Rains Come First (2009 ObliqSound)
Charlie Hunter; Gentlemen, I Neglected to Tell You You Will Not Be Getting Paid; Gentlemen... (2010 Spire Artists)
Ryan Montbleau Band; One Fine Color; One Fine Color (2006 7not records)
Clifton Chenier; Wrap It Up, Baby; Live! at Grant Street (2000 Arhoolie)
James Zollar; Black Winter; Zollar Systems (2009 JZAZ)
[mic break 1:03 p.m.]

Set Six
Pat Metheny; Spirit of the Air; Orchestrion (2010 Nonesuch)
The Disco Biscuits; Spacebirdmatingcall > Down to the Bottom; 12/31/09 Nokia Theater, NY
Joe Zawinul; Orient Express; 75 (2009 Heads Up)
[mic break 1:48 p.m.]

Set Seven
Charlie Apicella & Iron City; Play It Back; Sparks (2009 Iron City Jazz)
Sherman Irby Quartet; Countdown; Live at the Otto Club (2009 Black Warrior)
[2:00 p.m.]

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Musician's Dictionary

AGENT: a character who resents performers getting 90% of his salary.

ARRANGER: a guy who writes to support a drinking habit.

BALLET: an art form for people with eating disorders

BANDSTAND: the area furthest away from an electrical outlet

BIG BAND: nowadays, an aggregation consisting of two musicians.

BROADWAY PIT JOB: a prison sentence disguised as a gig.

CABARET: a venue where singers do songs from shows that closed out of town.

CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME: god's way of telling you that you've practiced too much.

CATERER: a man whose hatred for musicians is unrivaled.

CHANTEUSE: a singer with an accent and no time.

CLASSICAL COMPOSER: a man ahead of his time and behind in the rent.

CLUBDATER: god's way of telling you that you didn't practice enough.

CLUB DATE LEADER: someone who changes his name from Kaminsky to Kaye.

CONTRACTOR: a man whose funeral nobody goes to.

CRUISE SHIP WORK: a gig that gives a musician two reasons to throw up.

DOWNBEAT: the magazine that would have you believe that all jazz musicians are working.

ELECTRIC PIANO: the instrument that enables its player to pay for the hernia he sustained lifting it.

JAZZ: the only true american art form beloved by europeans.

JAZZ FESTIVAL: an event attended by folks who think Coltrane is a car on the B&O railroad.

LYRIC: that part of a tune known only by singers and homosexuals.

MELLOPHONE: an instrument best put to use when converted into a lamp.

METRONOME: the archenemy of chanteuses and cantors.

MOVIE COMPOSER: someone who can write like anyone except himself.

NEW AGE : a musical substitute for Valium.

NEW YEARS EVE: the night of the year when contractors are forced to hire musicians they despise.

ORCHESTRATOR: the musician who enhances a composer's music, only to be chastised for it .

PERCUSSIONIST: a drummer who can't swing.

PERFECT PITCH: the ability to pinpoint any note and still play out of tune.

PRODIGY: a kid who has as much chance at a normal childhood as the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

RARE VIOLIN: a Stradivarius, not to be confused with a rare violinist, which is someone over four foot eleven.

SIDEMAN: the appellation that guarantees a musician will never be rich.

STAFF MUSICIAN: harder to locate than a cavity in the Osmond family.

STEADY ENGAGEMENT: look up in Webster's Dictionary under the word ''obsolete.''

24/7: the time signature of the national anthem of India.

UNION REP: a guy who thinks big bands are coming back.

VERSE: the part of a tune that's disposable, except to its composer.

VIOLA D'AMORE: a baroque string instrument and coincidentally the hooker Bach lost his virginity to.

WURLITZER: the Ford Pinto of pianos.

YANNI: a man blessed with great hair for music.

(Hat tip: Feesh)