Sunday, January 27, 2008

Playlist, January 27, 2008

Set One
Frank Zappa; Filthy Habits; Sleep Dirt (1979/1991 Barking Pumpkin)
Gov't Mule; Rebel With a Cause; Mighty High (2007 ATORecords)
Einstürzende Neubauten; Alles Wieder Offen; Alles Wieder Offen (2007 Rykodisc)
The Point; Toad Finds Love;
[mic break 10:28 a.m.]

Set Two
Out To Lunch; Maudlin's Eleven>Davis; Excuse Me While I Do the Boogaloo (2007 Accurate)
Phish; Tweezer; A Picture of Nectar (1992 Elektra)
James Silberstein; Glass Garden; Expresslane (2008 Consolidated Artists Productions)
Kelly Brand; Ding Song; Nextet (2008 Origin)
Nellie McKay; Ding Dong; Get Away From Me (2004 Sony)
[mic break 11:10 a.m.]

Set Three
Bob Leto Trio; Infant Eyes; Cheesecake (2007 Consolidated Artists Productions)
Roberta Donnay; Blue Monk (Monkery's the Blues); What's Your Story (2007 Pacific Coast Jazz)
Herbie Hancock; Court and Spark; River: The Joni Letters (2007 Verve)
Joni Mitchell; Goodbye Pork Pie Hat; Mingus (1979 Asylum)
Miles Davis; Milestones; In Europe (2005 Sony)
[mic break 11:48 a.m.]

Set Four
Haugaard & Høirup; Trekant;
Andy Bey; All the Things You Are; Ain't Necessarily So (2007 12th Street)
Jason Kay Hwang; Cloud Call; Edge (2007 Innova)
Peter Paulsen Change of Scenery Sextet; B's B; Peter Paulsen Change of Scenery Sextet (2007 Wahbo)
Oregon; Relentless Imp; 1000 Kilometers (2007 CamJazz)
The Harlem Experiment; Reefer Man (featuring Taj Mahal); The Harlem Experiment (2007 Ropeadope)
Freddy Cole; There Are Such Things; Music Maestro Please (2007 Highnote)
[mic break 12:32 p.m.]

Set Five
Ellen Fordyce; Love Is Here To Stay; Something Still Cool (2007 Elli Fordyce)
Richard Galliano;l Milonga is Coming;l If You Love Me (2007 CamJazz)
Antonio Sanchez; One for Antonio; Migration (2007 Cam Jazz)
Thelonious Monk; Off Minor (Take 4); The Complete April 1957 Riverside Recordings (2006 Concord)
Thelonious Monk; Well You Needn't; The Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings (2006 Concord)
[mic break 1:33 p.m.]

Set Six
The Point; Cute Cutty Darkness
Kahil El'Zabar's Infinity Orchestra; Sout to Groove; Transmigration (2007 Delmark)
Charlie Rouse; Merci Mon Dieu; Jazzanova Blue Note Trip (various) (2005 Blue Note)
Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy; Jitterbug Waltz; Cornell 1964 (2007 Blue Note)
[2:00 p.m.]

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Playlist, January 20, 2008

Set One
Jimi Hendrix; Crosstown Traffic; Electric Ladyland (1969 Reprise)
Jimi Hendrix; Voodoo Chile; Electric Ladyland (1969 Reprise)
The String Quartet Tribute to Jimi Hendrix; Manic Depression; The String Quartet Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (2003 Vitamin)
The String Quartet Tribute to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon; Speak to Me/Breathe; The String Quartet Tribute to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (2003 Vitamin)
Easy Star All Stars; On the Run>Time; Dub Side of the Moon (2003 Easy Star)
Pink Floyd; Fearless; Meddle (1971 Capitol)
[mic break 10:48 a.m.]

Set Two
Pat Metheny Group; San Lorenzo; 11/17/79 Hofstra Playhouse
Mark Egan; Depraw; As We Speak (2006 WaveTone)
Joni Mitchell; In France They Kiss on Main Street; The Hissing of Summer Lawns (1975 Asylum)
[mic break 11:16 a.m.]

Set Three
Grazyna Auguscik/Paulinho Garcia; Viola enluarada; Andança (2007 GMA)
Donna Jean & the Tricksters; He Said/She Said; Donna Jean & the Tricksters (2007 Heart of Gold)
Joni Mitchell; Shades of Scarlet Conquering; The Hissing of Summer Lawns (1975 Asylum)
Roberta Donnay; No Regrets; What's Your Story (2007 Pacific Coast Jazz)
Gail Pettis; May I Come In?; May I Come In? (2007 OA2)
Paul West/Mark Brown; Groovin' High; Words & Music (2008 OA2)
[mic break 11:49 a.m.]

Set Four
Grateful Dead; Cassidy; 10/21/1983 Worcester MA
Pink Floyd; Echoes; Meddle (1971 Capitol)
[mic break 12:22 p.m.]

Set Five
Out To Lunch; Me & Minskers>Jerome the Negligent Nanny; Excuse Me While I Do The Boogaloo (2007 Accurate)
Sheila Chandra; The Enchantment; Weaving My Ancestors' Voices (1992 Real World)
Melvin Sparks; MyKia's Dance; Groove On Top (2006 Savant)
[mic break 12:51 p.m.]

Set Six
The Ed Palermo Big Band; Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula; Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (2006 Cuneiform)
[1:00 p.m.]

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Playlist, January 13, 2007

Set One
Frank Zappa; Dupree's Paradise; You Can't Do That On Stage Any More vol. 2 (1988 Rykodisc)
[mic break 10:32 a.m.]

Set Two
Eric Alexander; Lucas Too; Temple of Olympic Zeus (2007 Highnote)
Pater Paulsen Sextet; In and Of Itselt; Change of Scenery (2007 Wahbo)
Fabian Zone Trio; Chameleon; The Masters Return! (2007 Consoolidated Artists Productions)
Herbie Hancock; Nefertiti; River: The Joni Letters (2007 Verve)
Andy Bey; It Ain't Necessarily So; It Ain't Necessarily So (2007 Secret Fort)
[mic break 11:14 a.m.]

Set Three
Zach Brock & the Coffee Achievers; Now I KNow; Live at the Jazz Factory (2007 Secret Fort)
Sonny Rollins; The Bridge; Jazz Casual (2001 Rhino)
Michael Berkowitz & the Gene Krupa Orchestra; "Rockin'" Chair; Thinking of Gene (2007 Sea Breeze Records)
Dizzy GIllespie; Trinidad, Goodbye; Live at the 1965 Monterey Jazz Festival (2007 Monterey Jazz Festival)
Bruce Eskovitz Jazz Orchestra; Breakthrough; Invitation (2007 Pacific Coast Jazz)
[mic break 1:49 a.m.]

Set Four
Ray Alexander Quartet; Hi-Fly; Vigorous Vibes (1997 Cats Paw)
Jay Hoggard; Good Bait; Love is the Answer (1994 Muse)
Pete Wernick's LIve Five; Sky Rider; I Tell You What! (1996 Sugar Hill)
Texas Tech University Jazz Ensemble One; Weather You Needn't/Well You Needn't; Glimmer of Night and Day (2007 Sea Breeze Vista)
[mic break 12:17 p.m.]

Set Five
Thelonious Monk; Blue Monk; Live at the 1964 Monterey Jazz Festival (2007 Monterey Jazz Festival)
Charles Earland; Sister Sadie; Funky Pieces of Silver: THe Horace Silver Songbook (2007 HIghnote)
Roberta Donnay; Life in the Slow Lane; What's Your Story (2007 Pacific Coast Jazz)
Edward Petersen; Object in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear; Upward Spiral (1990 Delmark)
The Jon Hemmersham/Dom Minasi Quartet; Woman; The Jon Hemmersham/Dom Minasi Quartet (20076 CDM)
Igors Jazz Cowboys; Hello Central, Give Me Dr. Jazz; Igor! (1994 Igor Glenn)
Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble; Take Five; The Gamut (1994 DMP)
[mic break 1:29 p.m.]

Set Six
Out to Lunch; The Good Doctor; Excuse Me While I Do the Boogaloo (2007 Accurate)
Billie Holiday; I Hear Music; Remixed & Reimagined (2007 Sony)
Donna Jean & the Tricksters; So Hard; Donna Jean & the Tricksters (2007 Heart of Gold)
Grateful Dead; The Music Never Stopped; 10/21/83 Worcester MA

[2:00 p.m.]

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nature comes back

Photo by Polarity Photography (+/-)
Glimpses of Growth and Decay from the Urban Landscape

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Playlist; January 6, 2008

Set One
Herbie Hancock; Tea Leaf Prophecy; River (2007 Verve)
John Pizzarelli; Fascinating Rhythm; Bossa Nova (2004 Telarc)
Harry Manx; Sittin' on Top of the World; West Eats Meet (2004 Dog My Cat)
[mic break 10:29 a.m.]

Set Two
Jimmy Ponder; Body and Soul; Thumbs Up (2001 Highnote)
Freddy Cole; Music Maestro Please; Music Maestro Please (2007 Highnote)
Stan Getz & the Oscar Peterson Trio; Ballad Medley; Stan Getz & the Oscar Peterson Trio (1958 Verve)
Ella Fitzgerald & Stevie Wonder; You Are the Sunshine of My Life; We All Love Ella (2007 Verve)
[mic break 11:03 a.m.]

Set Three
Bill Evans; Polka Dots and Moon Beams; Plays for Lovers (2006 Riverside)
Cindy Blackman; Paradise Island; Someday... (2001 Highnote)
Chris Potter 10; Against the Wind; Song for Anyone (2007 Sunnyside)
Larry Kirwan; Life's Like That, Isn't It?; Kilroy Was Here (2001 Gadfly)
Joe Gallant & Illuminati; Terrapin Station Suite; Terrapin (1999 Which?)
[mic break 12:03 p.m.]

Set Four
The Disco Biscuits; Pygmy Twylite>Run Like Hell> Pygmy Twylite>Run Like Hell; Wetlands Preserve 9/1/2001
Harry Manx; Spoonful; Road Ragas (2004 Dog My Cat)
Richard Festinger; Trinometry (Allegro); Trinometry (1999 Composers Recordings)
Afro-Semitic Experience; I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel To Be Free; Plea For Peace (2005 Reckless DC)
[mic break 12:38 p.m.]

Set Five
Melvin Sparks; Thank You; It Is What It Is (2004 Savant)
Bob Leto Trio; Seven Steps to Heaven; Cheesecake (2007 Consolidated Artists)
Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band; It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing); Eleventh Hour Live! (2000 Sea Breeze Jazz)
[1:00 p.m.]
Live from...Where? with Stacy Phillips and Paul Howard
[2:00 p.m.]

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