Sunday, December 18, 2016

Playlist, December 18, 2016


Set One
Zappa/Mothers; "A Bunch of Stuff"; Meat Light (2016 Universal)
Zappa/Mothers; Dog Breath (Single Version – Stereo); Meat Light (2016 Universal)
Mothers of Invention; Orange Couny Medley; Ahead of Their Time (1993 Rykodisc)
Frank Zappa; The Nancy & Mary Music; Chunga's Revenge (1970 Reprise)
[mic break 10:33 a.m.]

Set Two
Frank Zappa; Night School; Jazz from Hell (1986 Barking Pumpkin)
Frank Zappa; Wild Love; Sheik Yerbouti (1979 Zappa)
Frank Zappa; Watermelon in Easter Hay; Paris (2/24/1979)
Frank Zappa; Duodenum; Lumpy Gravy (1967 Capitol)
Jean-Luc Ponty; King Kong; King Kong (1969 Liberty)
[mic break 11:02 a.m.]

Set Three
Frank Zappa; Warm Up Variations; Atlanta, GA (9/18/1977)
Frank Zappa; Peaches en Regalia; Atlanta, GA (9/18/1977)
Frank Zappa; The Torture Never Stops; Atlanta, GA (9/18/1977)
Frank Zappa; City of Tiny Lites; Atlanta, GA (9/18/1977)
Frank Zappa; Wild Love; Atlanta, GA (9/18/1977)
Frank Zappa; The Black Page; Atlanta, GA (9/18/1977)
[mic break 11:57 a.m.]

Set Four
Frank Zappa; Little Dots, Part 2; Little Dots (2016 Zappa)
Frank Zappa; Montreal; Imaginary Diseases (2006 Zappa)
[mic break 12:23 p.m.]

Set Five
Frank Zappa; Twenty-One; Chicago '78 (2016 Zappa)
Frank Zappa; Pick Me, I'm Clean; Buffalo (2007 Zappa)
Frank Zappa; Shortly: Suite Exists of Holiday in Berlin Full Blown; Road Tapes, Vol. 1 (2012 Vaulternative)
[PSA break 12:55 p.m.]

Set Six
Frank Zappa; Tell Me You Love Me; Tinsel Town Rebellion (1981 Barking Pumpkin)
Frank Zappa; Now You See It, Now You Don't; Tinsel Town Rebellion (1981 Barking Pumpkin)
Frank Zappa; Village of the Sun; Chicago '78 (2016 Zappa)
Frank Zappa; G-Spot Tornado; Jazz from Hell (1986 Barking Pumpkin)
Zappa/Mothers; Uncle Meat (Live at Columbia University 1969); Meat Light (2016 Zappa)
Frank Zappa; Uncle Rhebus; Finer Momemts (2012 Zappa)
[mic break 1:44 p.m.]

Set Seven
Frank Zappa; Black Napkins; Chicago '78 (2016 Zappa)
Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention; Sofa No. 2; One Size Fits All (1975 DiscReet)
[1:59 p.m.]

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Playlist, December 11, 2016


And a groovadelic good morning to you.

Set One
Jamie Cullum; Everybody Wants to be a Cat; Jazz Loves Disney (2016 Verve)
Stephen Bennett; Coffee (Arabian Dance); The Nutcracker (2016 Cimarron/Rainbird)
Van der Graaf Generator; Aloft; Do Not Disturb (2016 Esoteric Antenna)
Barry de Vorzon; Theme from The Warriors; The Warriors Original Soundtrack (1979 A & M)
The Jazz Thieves; Aftermath of a Bar Fight; Brooklyn Elegy (2016)
The Depue Brothers Band; The Christmas Song; When it's Christmas Time (2013 Beat the Drum Entertainment)
[mic break 10:32 a.m.]

Set Two
Audrey Silver; Jardin d'Hiver; Very Early (2016)
George Duke; Dukey Stick (parts 1 & 2); Shine On: The Epic Years (2016 Sony)
Cesar; Azucar; Cesar 830 (1975 Flying Dutchman)
[mic break 10:56 a.m.]

Set Three
Interview with Larry Coryell
Larry Coryell; If Miles Were Here; Barefoot Man: Sanpaku (2016 Purple Pyramid)
Bill Laurance; The Good Things; Live at Union Chapel (2016 Ground Up)
Bill Laurance; December in New York; Live at Union Chapel (2016 Ground Up)
[mic break 11:45 a.m.]

Set Four
Charlie Mingus; Los Mariachis; Tia Juana Moods (1962 RCA)
The David Ricard Big Band; God Rest Ye Merry Surfers (2015 Lesterbeat)
The Dave Liebman Group; Good Bait; Expansions Live (2016 Whaling City Sound)
The Dave Liebman Group; Footprints; Expansions Live (2016 Whaling City Sound)
The Nola Players; Deck the Halls; Christmastime in New Orleans (2016 Aim Higher)
[mic break 12:27 p.m.]

Set Five
The Matthew Kaminski Quartet; A Reel Goodun'; Live at Churchill Grounds (2016 Chicken Coup)
Milt Jackson; Three Little Words; The Art of Milt Jackson: The Atlantic Years (1975 Atlantic)
John Scofield; Wayfaring Stranger; Country for Old Men (2016 Impulse!)
[PSA break 12:55 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Great Blue

[2:00 p.m.]