Saturday, May 09, 2009

WBAI continues melting down

Pacifica's Interim Executive Director Grace Aaron replaced Tony Riddle, WBAI's General Manager, on May 4th by kicking him upstairs to a no-show position with Pacifica's national office. Pacifica's Interim Chief Financial Officer, LaVarn Williams, takes over. The NYC IMC published the leaked letter from Grace Aaron. The comments, as usual for Indymedia, speak for themselves. 
* You will be reassigned from your current position as station manager of WBAI to the national office as
Development Director.
* Your salary and benefits will remain the same.
* You will work out of your home until further notice, and will report to me as your immediate supervisor.
That's not a bad job offer for someone who nearly ran WBAI into the ground, including allegedly 4 months rent not paid on the studio and 2 months not paid for the antenna.

Speaking of Pacifica, former CFO Lonnie Hicks is suing the Pacifica Foundation. The wrongful termination suit alleges that
Pacifica Radio governance factions use guerrilla warfare to coerce those who are different from themselves along racial and political lines, and "acts in an intolerant, capricious, discriminatory, retaliatory, prejudicial and coercive manner" and "believe that the ends ... justify the means."
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