Sunday, March 01, 2015

Playlist, March 1, 2015


Set One
Jaco Pastorius; Chromatic Fantasy; Word of Mouth (1981 Warner Bros)
Jaco Pastorius; Blackbird; Word of Mouth (1981 Warner Bros)
Jaco Pastorius; Word of Mouth; Word of Mouth (1981 Warner Bros)
Billy Cobham; Alfa Waves; The Traveler (1994 Evidence)
Abbey Lincoln; I'm in Love; You Gotta Pay the Band (1994 Gitanes Jazz)
[mic break 11:28 a.m.]

Set Two
Karla Harris; In Your Own Sweet Way; Sings the Dave & Iola Brubeck Songbook (2014 Summit)
Paquito d'Rivera; Waltz for Moe; Paquito Blowin' (1981 Columbia)
Benny Goodman & his Orchestra; Russian Lullaby; Wrappin' it Up: The Harry James Years Part 2 (1995 Bluebird)
Eugene Uman's Convergence Project; Cumbia-tón; 6 Elements (2014 You Man Music)
[mic break 11:55 a.m.]

Set Three
The H2 Big Band; Black Lace Freudian Slip; It Could Happen (2015 Origin)
Duke Ellington; Fancy Dan; The World of Duke Ellington Volume 2 (1975 Columbia)
Al Kooper; The 59th Street Bridge Song; Unclaimed Freight (1975 Columbia)
Buddy Guy & Junior Wells; Driving Wheel; Live in Montreux (1992 Evidence)
Grateful Dead; Smokestack Lightnin'; Three from the Vault (2007 Rhino)
Nat Adderly; Sun Dance; Introducing Nat Adderly 1955 (1975 Trip)
[mic break 12:33 p.m.]

Set Four
Brinsley Schwarz; Merry Go Round; Silver Pistol (1972 UA)
Dave Edmunds; I'm a Lover Not a Fighter; Rockpile (1972 MAM)
John Prine; The Sins of Mephisto; The Missing Years (1991 Oh Boy)
Genesis; Watcher of the Skies; Foxtrot (1972 Buddah)
[mic break 12:58 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Made in Bridgeport
Shwizz; unknown title; BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT (11/14/2014)
The Z3; A Pound for a Brown; BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT (11/19/2014)
The Z3; Willie the Pimp; BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT (11/19/2014)
The Z3; Zombie Woof; BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT (11/19/2014)
BRYAC Funk All Stars; unknown title; BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT (7/30/2014)
BRYAC Funk All Stars w/Ryan Montbleau; I Wish; BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT (7/30/2014)
BRYAC Funk All Stars w/Ryan Montbleau; Ain't No Sunshine; BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT (7/30/2014)
[2:00 p.m.]

Monday, February 23, 2015

My thoughts on WWE FastLane

Last night's show was the set-up for Wrestlemania Next month. Feuds were solidified, matches confirmed, and the table set for the biggest show of the year. In some ways, WWE succeeded; in others they disappointed.

Ziggler, Ryback, and Rowan vs. Rollins, Kane, and Big Show
The big news was Randy Orton running in to make the save during the post-match heel mayhem. Ziggler & co. really deserve better than to be the setup men for the Orton-Rollins feud, as promising as that may be. Ziggler again looked strong in defeat, but those defeats have been coming way to often for such a talented—and over—performer. Rowan is just floundering. He has a new, personalized outfit. Sort of. It's a black jumpsuit with a logo. I can't imagine WWE merchandising will be selling jumpsuits, but you can only sell so many sheep masks, so the Rowan shirts are necessary. Rybacks latest singlet looked awful, like an airbrush experiment gone wrong. The match itself was OK, although the end was predictable. Still, seeing all those RKOs at the end was fun.

Paige vs. Nikki Bella
Why do they even bother?

Usos vs. Cesaro & Kidd
It was about time for the flying Samoans to drop the straps, and it's a pleasant change to see Cesaro and Kidd wearing championship belts. The problem with this match is a by-product of the "Reality Era." Nattie is a face, but she's coming out with the heel team because she's married to Tyson Kidd. Naomi is (sort of) a heel, but she's coming out with the face team because she's married to an Uso. My suspension of disbelieve turns into a headache trying to figure this one out.

Cena vs. Rusev
Now this was an entertaining match, dusty finish and all. I knew that Mr. Never-Give-Up was not going to tap out to the Camel Clutch Accolade. Being the first guy to resist the submission hold and stand up was a great move, and the distraction by Lana was well used by Rusev. The thing is, I've seen Cena take nut-shots in house shows more than once. I'm starting to wonder if he likes them. Cheap stunts aside, the monster kick to the head insured that he wasn't going to tap out in the Accolade even though he lost by submission. The finish ensures that this feud will continue to WrestleMania.

Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett
Only the Lunatic Fringe could get himself disqualified and still leave the ring with the belt. BNB's cowardly heel tactics might serve to set up a steel cage or lumberjack match for WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan needs a role and a rival for WrestleMania. The rumored match with Ziggler would be excellent if WWE can set up a face vs. face feud. With RKO back on the scene, it may be time for Bryan or Ziggler to have a heel turn. The only question mark is Seamus. Does he return a hero or join with the Authority? I think we'll be finding out tonight RAW.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Playlist, February 22 2015


Set One
Steely Dan; The Last Mall; Everything Must Go (2003 Reprise)
Dewa Budjana; Just Kidung; Hasta Karma (2015 MoonJune)
Grateful Dead; China Cat Sunflower; Ladies and Gentlemen … (2000 Arista)
Grateful Dead; I Know You Rider; Go to Nassau (2002 Arista)
[mic break 10:33 a.m.]

Set Two

Caterina Zapponi; Polvere di stelle (Stardust); Romantica (2014 Motéma)
Connie Evingson; The Jersey Bounce; All the Cats Join In (2014 Minnehaha Music)
Scott Hesse Trio; Dance Cadaverous; The Stillness of Motion (2015 Origin)
La Lucha; Can't Stand Losing You; Standards, Not-Standards (2014 Blue Line Music)
[mic break 11:00 a.m.]

Set Three
Jeremy Pelt; The Old Soul of the Modern Day Wayfarer; Tales, Musings and Other Reveries (2015 HighNote)
Jim Snidero; The Streets of Laredo; Main Street (2015 Savant)
Nilson Matta; Eh Menina; EastSideRioDrive (2015 World Blue)
Cynthia Felton; A Sleepin' Bee; Save Your Love for Me (2014 Felton Entertainment)
[mic break 11:30 a.m.]

Set Four
Big Bill Broonzy; Mr. Conductor Man; All the Classic Sides 1928-1937 (2003 JSP)
Lonnie Johnson; What Do You Want That I've Got, Pretty Baby; A Life in Music: Selected Sides (2009 JSP)
Bill Monroe; New Mule Skinner Blues; Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys 1950-1951 (2009 JSP)
Igor Prado Band; Matchbox; Way Down South (2015 Delta Groove)
Slide to Freedom; Make a Better World; The Future of the Blues (compilation) (2008 Northern Blues)
Rory Block; Jinx Blues; Blues Walkin' Like a Man (2008 Sony Plain)
John Lee Hooker; Low Down Midnite Boogie; The Classic Early Years 1948-1951 (2002 JSP)
[mic break 11:58 a.m.]

Set Five
Biréli Lagrene; Envie de Toi; Generation Django (compilation) (2009 Dreyfus Jazz)
Rocky Gresset; Blue Skies; Generation Django (compilation) (2009 Dreyfus Jazz)
Chris Cortez; The Man I Love; Top Secret (2015 Blue Bamboo)
Garaj Mahal; Faster Than the Speed of Time; More Mr. Nice Guy (2010 Owl Studios)
[mic break 12:25 p.m.]

Set Six
Josh Nelson; Solis Lacus, the Eye of Mars; Exploring Mars (2015 Origin)
Josh Nelson; Mars, The Bringer of War; Exploring Mars (2015 Origin)
Josh Nelson; Curiosity; Exploring Mars (2015 Origin)
Yuko Ito; Takeda No Komori-uta; O Cantador (2014 Funny Baby Face)
Jim Snidero; Las Vegas Tango; Main Street (2015 Savant)
[mic break 12:53 p.m.]

PSA Break

Sunday Brunch Concert: Wandering Roots
[2:00 p.m.]

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15th in Jam Band History

There's only room for two bands this week because one is both a monster and a classic. From 2003, we have Psychedelic Breakfast's CD release party from Pearl Street in Northampton, MA. The other one goes back another 30 years to Madison, WI with the Grateful Dead pinning the wings on a brand new song called "Eyes of the World."


Psychedelic Breakfast; LDZ; Pearl Street, Northampton, MA (2/15/2003)
Psychedelic Breakfast; Lit; Pearl Street, Northampton, MA (2/15/2003)
Grateful Dead; Dark Star; Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI (2/15/1973)
Grateful Dead; Eyes of the World; Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI (2/15/1973)
Grateful Dead; China Doll; Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI (2/15/1973)

Playlist, February 15, 2015



And a groovadelic good morning to you! This post will be updated with the playlist after every set.

Set One
Jim Pearce; You Picked Me; You Are an Edgy Visionary Seer (2013)
Bill Heid; Bop Rascal; Bop Rascal (1997 Savant)
Yngvil Vatn Guttu; Broadway Bomb; In the Crosswalk (2014)
[mic break 10:21 a.m.]

Set Two
Connie Evingson; Jardin d'Hiver; All the Cats Join In (2014 Minnehaha Music)
David Gopoian; Galaxy; Sleeping in a Tree (2014)
La Lucha; Everybody Wants to Rule the World; Standards, Not-Standards (2014 Blue LIne Music)
The Bad Plus; Everybody Wants to Rule the World; Prog (2007 Heads Up)
John Stowell/Michael Zilber Quartet; My Funny Valentine; Live Beauty (2015 Origin)
Charles McPherson; Au Privave; The Journey (2015 Capri)
[mic break 10:57 a.m.]

Set Three
Charles Mingus; The Clown; The Clown (1957 Atlantic)
Cynthia Felton; The Old Country; Save Your Love for Me (2014 Felton Entertainment)
Benjamin Lapidus & Kari-B3; I'll See You on Moonday, Wendell; Ochosi Blues (2014 Tersero)
The H2 Big Band; It Could Happen to You; It Could Happen (2015 Origin)
[mic break 11:31 a.m.]

Set Four
Sly & The Family Stone; Family Affair; The Brazil Connection (compilation) (2014 Sony Legacy)
Baden Powell & Trio; Pescador; Brasil: A Century of Song - Era da Bossa Nova (1995 Blue Jacket)
Yuko Ito; Mas Que Nada; O Cantador (2014 Funny Baby Face)
Nilson Matta; Boogie Stop Shuffle; East Side Rio Drive (2015 World Blue)
[mic break 11:59 a.m.]

Set Five
The Heath Brothers; A Sound for Sore Ears; Brotherly Love (1982 Antilles)
The Ray Bryant Trio; All Blues; The Ray Bryant Trio (1978 Pablo)
Art Tatum; Tea for Two; The Tatus Solo Masterpieces, Vol. 9 (1979 Pablo)
Lucas Pino; Homage A'Mitch; No Net Nonet (2015 Origin)
[mic break 12:32 p.m.]

Set Six
Chick Corea/Gary Burton; La Fiesta; Duet (1979 ECM)
Frank Zappa; T'Mershi Duween; Make a Jazz Noise Here (1991 Barking Pumpkin)
[PSA break 12:55 p.m.]

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Playlist, January 18, 2015


Set One
The Roches; Steady with the Maestro; Keep on Doing (1982 Warner Bros)
Liquid Lobster; Ambient Bob; The Airing of the Groovances (2003 Dubious)
David Gopoian; Business as Usual; Sleeping in a Tree (2014)
[mic break 10:36 a.m.]

Set Two
Marc Pompe; My Chicago; Monk's Dream (2014)
Gene Argel; Annette; Luminescent (2015 Origin)
Calvin Keys; Old Devil Moon; Close Enough for Love (2014 Lifeforce Jazz)
Ali Bey; Joe Cool; My Finest Hour (2014)
[mic break 11:02 a.m.]

Set Three

Mark Diomede & the Juggling Suns Project; Channeling; Regulus (2015)
Marc Seales; Love's Question; American Songs, Vol. 3: Place & Time (2015 Origin)
Eugene Uman's Convergence Project' Descarga; 6 Elements (2014 You Man Music)
[mic break 11:26 a.m.]

Set Four
Jamilah Ford; All Blues; The Deep End (2014 Skinny Chick)
David Friesen Circle 3 Trio; Stepping Stones; Where the Light Falls (2014 Origin)
David Friesen Circle 3 Trio; Reaching for the Stars; Where the Light Falls (2014 Origin)
David Friesen Circle 3 Trio; Counterpart; Where the Light Falls (2014 Origin)
[12:00 noon]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Great Blue

Mark Naftalin & Friends: Live from the Pequot Library Mid-Winter Book Sale
[2:00 p.m.]

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Playlist, January 11, 2014


At 1:00 PM: The Kind Buds on the Sunday Brunch Concert

Set One
Mothers of Invention; Plastic People; Absolutely Free! (1967 Verve)
Steely Dan; Razor Boy; Countdown to Ecstasy (1973 MCA)
Tesla Manaf; It's All Yours, Part I; A Man's Relationship with His Fragile Area (2015 MoonJune)
David Friesen Circle 3 Trio; Tribute; Where the Light Falls (2914 Origin)
[10:32 a.m.]

Set Two
Virginia Schenck; Midnight Sun; Interior Notions (2014)
Chick Corea Trio; Someday My Prince Will Come; Trilogy (2-14 Concord Jazz)
The Frank Walton/Yoron Israel Sextet; Hipssippi Blues; Live in Chicago (2014 Han-WalProductions)
[mic break 11:00 a.m.]

Set Three
Richard Galliano; Verbos Do Amor; Sentimentale (2014 Resonance)
The Modern Jazz Quartet; Bluesology; European Concert (2000 Label M)
Jamila Ford; Gentle Rain; The Deep End (2014 Skinny Chick)
Terell Stafford; Ill Wind; Fields of Gold (2000 Nagel-Heyer)
Jimmy Smith; Jumpin' the Blues; Have You Had Your Vitamin B-3 Today? (compilation) (2001 Label M)
[mic break 11:30 a.m.]

Set Four

David Gopoian; Close the App; Sleeping in a Tree (2014)
Dawan Muhammad/Billy Higgins Sextet; Yesterdays; Smoke Signal (2014 LifeForce Jazz)
Charles Mingus; Pithecanthropus Erectus; Passions of a Man (1997 Rhino)
Count Basie; Honeysuckle Rose; Basically Basie: Studio Dates 1937-1945 (2005 JSP)
[mic break 11:58 a.m.]

Set Five

Tom Teasley; Dance of Aphrodite; The Love of the Nightingale (2014)
Dhafer Youssef; Blending Souls & Shades; Birds Requiem (2013 OKeh)
Donna Deusen & the Paul Weitz Trio; Sister Sadie; On the Street Where You Live (2014)
Ryan Shultz; Joe's Time; Hair Dryers (2014 Origin)
[mic break 12:26:55 p.m.]

Set Six
Umphrey’s McGee; Don’t You Forget About Me; The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA (3/15/2014)
Umphrey’s McGee; Front Porch; Orpheum Theatre, Madison, WI (11/8/2014)
[12:56 PSA Break]

Sunday Brunch Concert: The Kind Buds
[2:00 p.m.]

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Playlist, January 4, 2014


At 1 PM, we'll have Mattson/Barraco & Friends on the Sunday Brunch Concert.

Set One
Frank Zappa; I'm a Bandleader; The Lost Episodes (1996 Rykodisc)
Jim Pearce; You are an Edgy Visionary Seer; You are an Edgy Visionary Seer (2013)
Steely Dan; Your Gold Teeth; Countdown to Ecstasy (1973 MCA)
Simak Dialog; 5,6; Live at Orion (2015 MoonJune)
[mic break 10:33 a.m.]

Set Two
Tesla Manaf; A Man's Relationship with his Fragile Area; Tesla Manaf (2015 MoonJune)
Frank Zappa; "How the Pigs' Music Works"; Civilization Phaze III (1994 Barking Pumpkin)
Frank Zappa; Xmas Values; Civilization Phaze III (1994 Barking Pumpkin)
Hoagy Carmichael; Boneyard Shuffle; The First of the Singer Songwriters (2003 JSP)
Donna Deussen & the Paul Weitz Trio; Black Coffee/A Night in Tunisia; On the Street Where You Live (2014)
[mic break 11:03 a.m.]

Set Three
Django Reinhardt; St. James' Infirmary; Django in Rome 1949/1950 (2003 JSP)
Django Reinhardt; C Jam Blues; Django in Rome 1949/1950 (2003 JSP)
Django Reinhardt; Honeysuckle Rose; Django in Rome 1949/1950 (2003 JSP)
The Royal Din; Child of Custody; The Royal Din (2014)
Ali Bey; Brooklyn Blues; My Finest Hour (2014)
Lalo Schifrin; Mission: Impossible; Jazz Goes to Hollywood (2000 Aleph)
[mic break 11:29 a.m.]

Set Four

Stanley Clarke; The Magician; Live 1976-1977 (1991 Epic)
Marcus Roberts; Reminiscence; Romance, Swing, and the Blues (2014 J-Master)
Dick de Graaf; Maninda; Fo4r Winds (2004 Radio Netherlands)
[mic break 11:57 a.m.]

Set Five
The Kennedys; Winter; Closer Than You Know (2012)
Peter Liu; East of the Sun; Bamboo Groove (2014)
WIU Jazz Studio Orchestra; Louisiana Sunday Afternoon; Live in Europe (1998 Sea Breeze Vista)
Nancy Wilson; Day Dream; Love, Nancy (1994 Columbia)
Dizzy Gillespie; Night in Tunisia; The Complete RCA Victor Recordings (1995 Bluebird)
Ricky Ford; Con Alma; Tenor Madness Too! (1995 Muse)
[mic break 12:30 p.m.]

Set Six
The Zen Tricksters; Sleepwalking; Shaking Off the Weirdness (2002 Zebra Tango)
Grateful Dead; Eyes of the World; Boston Music Hall (6/9/1976)
[PSA break 12:55 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Mattson/Barracco & Friends recorded at Garcia's at the Capitol, Port Chester, NY (12/17/2014)
Jupiter Hollow
Simple Twist of Fate
China Cat Sunflower >
Iko Iko
High Horse
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
[2:00 p.m.]