Saturday, May 09, 2009

Angry children smash windows in San Francisco; Indymediots call for murder of law enforcement officers

I don't know how I missed this one. On May 1st, a group of rampaging "activists" vandalized private property in San Francisco's Union Square.
About a dozen windows of businesses in San Francisco's Union Square neighborhood were broken Friday night, a police sergeant said.

Sgt. Wilfred Williams said a group of suspects in the Union Square area quickly smashed 12 to 15 windows of businesses at about 8:50 p.m.
The write-up on NYC IMC includes comments calling for the murder of local and federal law enforcement. For example:
If any group gets much larger than a squad (6) it is going to be infiltrated by the pigs. If I was in such a group I would want to stay small, stay close (to every member) and stay loose (flexible). One other thing, as a general rule, infiltrants should be made history as soon and brutally as possible.
Even worse than pig infiltrators are the fed/spook surveillance, you know the type: claims to be radical, travels to "revolutionary situations" frequently but with no apparently income or means of support, never actually participates in the actions but is always there video taping everything that goes down...I find the only way to get rid of those fuckers is a bullet to the gut. Send em back to the Spookstation in a box.
One quote from the original post at Indybay sums up the anarchist mentality: "Who cares about the victim if the gesture is beautiful"

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