Thursday, April 05, 2007

What I learned at the Carnival of Bauer

I struggled to learn anything between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Let's see how everyone else did.

  1. 24 in 24 felt shortchanged and only used 23 panels to summarize the episode.
  2. King Tom is not sure he's watching the right show but had a great suggestion for the chase at the Santa Monica pier.
  3. J. Wookie at Cake or Death is in awe of the terrorist whisperer but feels ambivalent about the snuke.
  4. Jeff Kouba at Truth vs. The Machine can identify all the recycled components of this season's patchwork, is concerned about Wayne Palmer's attire, and manages to invoke both the 1970 NBA finals and Bowie. His post is even longer than this paragraph.
  5. Yankz at Because its Sour had an epiphany regarding the real bad guy on Day 6.
  6. Amy Vernon at Remote Access is a day late, but not a dollar short. She also is apparently drawn to John Cage Tom Lennox. She knows many things, but not the name of Fayed's country.
  7. Kyle Brandt has seen one too many tribal councils, and possibly too many hours of Day 6.
  8. Steve at Magic Lamp was apparently watching a comedy show when he wrote his episode summary. He knows his universal television symbols, and what's most important in 24.
  9. Blogs4Bauer delivered the required dosage of liveblogging, Tivoblogging, and Point/Counterpoint.
  10. Adam Cohen at The Jack Sack has dusted off his college major, showing that he knows both presidential history and Al Pacino movies.
UPDATE: For those folks who say 24 has jumped the shark, take some advice from Kim:

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TheJackSack said...

Thanks for hosting the Carnival- awesome job!

yankz said...

Yeah, thanks for hosting...I love that update.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting this week!

Jack Bauer said...

Ahh Kim with her mouth duct-taped...Those were the days.

Anyone catch her last season in HD? Her face looked like the before pictures on the Pro-Active commercials.

Thanks for hosing the carnival!

Tanzarian said...

Actually, 23 in on the high end of panels, I usually work with about 20-21 (too difficult to actually get 24 panels in addition to aiming for 24 pages). ;)

BUMBLE!!! said...

I guess I'm like Mulder in that other classic Fox TV series The X Files because I want to believe (I do), but I can't help but thinking that there is no way in the world that the writers and producers can bring this show home with NO VILLAINS running around and so many loose and forgotten ends in this season that there is no explanation for not being more on track.

If that means the sharks are swimming in these waters, then so be it, but I want to believe and I want this season to end well, but it's not 2 or 4 (let alone the 2nd half of 3).