Monday, September 11, 2006

Never Forget

May their memories be a blessing.


Kelly Watts said...

Amen Dave. Christian infidel from Bethel here. Did you record that live awesome guitar/guitar/bass stuff yesterday? As a musician I know how excellent those guys are.

I have not been a pkn supporter since 9/11/01 in protest of the station's extreme left wing bias. I have heard your excellent and reasonable thoughts and heard John Motavalli friday and his recording of "Shazaam the american" (mispelling for effect). Are there more closet patriots within the ranks of WPKN?

I was totally pissed off on Saturday when Scott Harris (I think) and someone else were running down Motavalli and insulting me and my father because our view of the world differs from theirs. Their arrogance was sickening..where is their tolerance for dissenting voices? Motavalli's comments on journalism were spot on and refreshing to hear in the vast empty wasteland of WPKN Marxist pseudointellectual fantasyland. And his observations about Robert Spencer and Daniel Pipes were right on.

Thank you and John Motavalli for your honesty and integrity in the face of the warm cesspool of political correctness and biege blandness of venomous socialist tripe.

Your Buddy,


David Golden said...


WPKN's "free speech radio" sometimes means "free speech for me, but not for thee."

I have mixed feelings on witholding support from WPKN. It's understandable to not want to donate the rope that would be used to hang you. On the other hand, we put the insanity right in the front window. Wouldn't you rather know what the enemy is saying, even if it means subsidizing their soapbox?

As for the Swing 39 concert yesterday, I know that it was airchecked. They also have a CD out from their last "Live from Where?" concert on PKN.