Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Confirmed: I am humor-challenged

I responded to a snarky headline in the New Haven Independent, saying in essence that I didn't think a mugging was something to joke about.
I must be humor-challenged. "Just Don't Take the Pooch" seems very light-hearted for a crime headline. I'm sure the mugging victim is laughing it up after four thugs took his stuff. Maybe Melissa Bailey, Paul Bass, and the Independent readers think a "spontaneous redistribution of wealth" is an acceptable form of urban tzedakah, but there are still some people who think of it as crime.
I have it on good authority -- well, as much authority as an Independent reader can carry -- that I am indeed humor-challenged. There must be some government grant money available to rehabilitate me, or at least buy me a copy of Zinn's History.
Yes, you are humor-challenged.

I take my dog to the Edgewood run frequently, and could easily have been in that victim's place. Even so, I don't object to a little humor in the Independent's reporting of non-violent crime.

Things in our fair city are a little tense. Curmudgeony is not the answer.
The crime may only have been non-violent because the victim was outnumbered 4-1 and he gave up his stuff without a fight. I have a scar on my face because I did fight for my property the last time a group of yutes tried to rob me. It's good for a laugh every time I look in the mirror.

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