Sunday, November 26, 2023

Playlist, November 26, 2023

Set One 

The Bobs; Cow Tipping, Part II; Get Your Monkey Off My Dog (2007 The Bobs)
Matt Catingub; Pick Yourself Up; From Samoa to Sinatra (2023 Summit)
Angela DeNiro; It Might as Well be Spring; Swingin' with Legends 2 (2023 Early Autumn)
Caesar Frazier; Jive Samba; Closer to the Truth (2019 Savant)
[mic break 10:26 a.m.]

Set Two
Don Braden; Reasons; Earth Wind and Wonder Volume 2 (2023)
Tony Adamo; Boogaloo the Funky Beat; Was Out Jazz Zone Mad (2019 Ropeadope)
Lucas Pino; Phantom of the Bopera; Covers (2023 Outside In Music)
joey Alexander; Blue; Contiuance (2023 Mack Avenue)
Eric Goletz; Caravan; Standard=ized! (2023 CAP)
[mic break 11:00 a.m.]

Set Three
Emmett Goods; Major Changes; Another Level (2023 Truth Revolution)
Miek Clark; MC's Thing; MC's Thing (2023 Wide Hive)
Frank Zappa; Black Napkins; Joe's Camouflage (2017 Vaulternative)
Grace McNally; Open Door; Full Circle (2023)
The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band; Bulgar Blues; Agada: Tales from Our Ancestors (1993)
[mic break 11:33 a.m.]

Set Four
Clark Sommers; Chance Encounter; Feast Ephemera (2023 Irabbagast)
Eberhard Weber; The Colours of Chloë; The Colours of Chloë (1974 ECM)
Yoshi Fruchter & Shizophrenia; Brich Shmeh; Schizophrenia: Cantorial Recordings Reimagined (2014)
Nefesh Mountain Band; Brothers and Sisters (Hine Ma Tov); Nefesh Mountain (2016)
Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra; Aybe Sea; Santaville (2017)
Yes; Awaken; Going for the One (1977 Atlantic)
[mic break 12:20 p.m.]

Set Five
Astor Piazzolla; Crazy Milonga (molonga Loca); Love Tangueda (1989 Tropical Storm)
Eric Bibb; Ridin'; Ridin' (2023 Stony Plain)
P.M. Dawn; Reality Used to be a Friend of Mine; Of the Heart, of the Soul, and of the Cross (1991 Island)
Muhal Richard Abrams; Down the Street from the Gene Ammons Public School; Duet (1981 Black Saint)
Oliver Lake Quartet; Hmbay; Clevont Fitzhubert (A Good Friend of Mine) (1981 Black Saint)
Loyko; Sare Patrya; The Rough Guide to the Music of Russian Gypsies (2010 RG Net)
Django Reinhardt; September Song; Postwar Recordings: 1944-1953 (2008 JSP)
[mic break 12:53 p.m.]
[announcement break 12:55 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Potpourri
Sue Foley; New Used Car; Live in Austin, Vol. 1 (2023 Guitar Woman)
Sue Foley; Walkin' Home; Live in Austin, Vol. 1 (2023 Guitar Woman)
Sue Foley; Highwayside; Live in Austin, Vol. 1 (2023 Guitar Woman)
[mic break 1:11 p.m.]
Jimi Hendrix Experience; Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; Hollywood Bowl, August 18, 1967 (2023 Sony)
Jimi Hendrix Experience; Killing Floor; Hollywood Bowl, August 18, 1967 (2023 Sony)
Jimi Hendrix Experience; The Wind Cries Mary; Hollywood Bowl, August 18, 1967 (2023 Sony)
[mic break 1:23 p.m.]
John Coltrane; Impressions (feat. Eric Dolphy); Evenings at the Village Gate (2023 Impulse!)
Grateful Dead; Dark Star; Europe '72 Vol 6: 4/17/72 (Live At Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark) (2011 Grateful Dead/Rhino)
[2:00 p.m.]

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