Sunday, October 11, 2015

Playlist, October 11, 2015


Set One
Molly Ryan; A Rainy Night in Rio; Let's Fly Away (2015 Loup-garous Productions)
Budman/Levy Orchestra; Superbone Meets the Bud Man; From There to Here (2012 OA2)
King Pleasure; Moody's Mood for Love; single (1952 Prestige)
Emma Larsson; In a Quandary; Sing to the Sky (2015 Origin)
George Cables; Lotus Blossom; In Good Company (2015 HighNote)
Wayne Wallace Latn Jazz Quintet; Guarachando; Intercambio (2015 Patois)
[mic break 10:39 a.m.]

Set Two

Nelda Swiggett' Thanks to Solomon; Blue-Eyed Painted Lady (2013 OA2)
Tom Teasley; Om Tat Sat; Dreams of India (2015 T&T Music)
John Scofield; Past Present; Past Present (2015 impulse!)
[mic break 10:59 a.m.]

Set Three

Gene Ludwig-Pat artino Trio; Mr. PC; Young Guns (2014 HighNote)
Chris Brubeck's Triple Play; Mighty Mrs. Hippy; Live at Arthur Zankel Music Center (2012 Blue Forest)
Chris Brubeck's Triple Play; Blue Rondo a la Turk; Live at Arthur Zankel Music Center (2012 Blue Forest)
[mic break 11:41 a.m.]

Set Four

J.J. Johnson; Boneology; Mad BeBop (1978 Savoy)
J.J. Johnson; Down Vernon's Alley; Mad BeBop (1978 Savoy)
J.J. Johnson; Yesterdays; Mad BeBop (1978 Savoy)
Arturo Sandoval; Bebop Medley; Live at Yoshi's (2015 Alfi)
[mic break 12:09 p.m.]

Set Five
Steve Gadd; Foam Home; 70 Strong (2015 BFM Jazz)
Kevin Coelho; When Johnny Comes Marching Home; Turn it Up (2013 Chicken Coup)
Moe.; Chromatic Nightmare; What Happened to the La Las (2012 Sugar Hill)
Moe.; Chromatic Puebla; What Happened to the La Las (2012 Sugar Hill)
Denise Donatelli; Midnight Sun; Find a Heart (2013 Savant)
Frank Zappa; Farther O'blivion; Imaginary Diseases (2006 Zappa)
[mic break 12:55 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Great Bliue
[2:00 p.m.]

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