Sunday, May 03, 2015

Playlist, May 3, 2015


Set One
David Chesky/Jazz in the New Harmonic;' Quiet Desperation; Primal Scream (2015 Chesky)
Sarah Partridge; Grace; I Never Thought I'd Be Here (2015 Origin)
Simak Dialog; 5,6; Live at Orion (2014 MoonJune)
[mic break 10:29 a.m.]

Set Two
Karla Harris; Take Five; Sings the Dave & Iola Brubeck Songbook (2015 Summit)
Burma Orchestra Saing Waing; I Want You; From Another World: A Tribute to Bob Dylan (2015 Buda Musique)
Bessie Smith; Wasted Live Blues; Empress of the Blues (2007 JSP)
Sara Leib; Night and Day; Secret Love (2012 OA2)
Chester Thompson Trio; Black Market; Approved (2013 Joyful Noise)
Graveyard Polka; Damn Laser Vampires; The New Brazilian Music (compilation) (2008 BM&A)
[mic break 10:56 a.m.]

Set Three

Joey DeFrancesco; Ode to Angela; Snapshot (2009 HighNote)
Generation Django; Minor Swing; Generation Django (2009 HighNote)
Luke Rodney; The Children's Weatherman; Ta Te, Ta Ta (2015)
Benjamin Lapidus & Kari-B3; Have You Met Miss Jones (2014 Tresero)
[mic break 11:29 a.m.]

Set Four
Barney McClure; Hookin' It; Show Me! (2015 OA2)
Duke Ellington; I'm Checkin' Out Goo'm Bye; Vol 2: The Cotton Club to Sweden (2007 JSP)
Frankye Kelly; Sophisticated Lady; Swingin' Blue (2013 LifeForcejazz)
The Trio of Oz; Angry Chair; The Trio of Oz (2010 Ozmosis)
[mic break 11:56 a.m.]

Set Five

Roxy Coss; I Think So; Roxy Coss (2010)
Dave Kardas Band; Paradox; Fire and Ice (2010)
Janice Friedman Trio; I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free; Live at Kitano (2015 CAP)
Dawan Muhammad; Eronel; Consider the Source (2015)
[mic break 12:29 p.m.]

Set Six

The String Cheese Incident; Peace Train; Trick or Treat (2009 SCI Fidelity)
The String Cheese Incident; Rock the Casbah; Trick or Treat (2009 SCI Fidelity)
Grateful Dead; Terrapin Station; Dozin' at the Knick (1996 Grateful Dead Productions)
Grateful Dead; Mud Love Buddy Jam; Dozin' at the Knick (1996 Grateful Dead Productions)

[PSA break 12:55 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Tyrone Shoelaces
[2:00 p.m.]

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