Sunday, September 28, 2014

Playlist, September 28, 2014

Set One
Benjamin Lapidus & Kari•B3; Yemaya's Changes; Ochosi Blues (2014 Tresero Productions)
Rod McGaha; Bleep Blop; The Black Flower Project (2014 Black Flower)
Sherie Julianne; So Many Stars; 10 Degrees South (2014 Azul do Mar)
The Pete Christlieb & Linda Small Eleven Piece Band; Minuet; Tall & Small (2011 BOSCO)
Jim Pearce; Even Big Monsters Love Music; You Are an Edgy Visionary Seer (2013)
[mic break 10:27 a.m.]

Set Two
Bill Banfield's Jazz Urbane; Words Linger; Playing with Other People's Heads Songs (2014 JazzUrbane)
Mark Buselli; Jetstream; Untold Stories (2014 OA2)
Kelly Suttenfield/Tony Romano; Harvest Moon; Among the Stars (2014)
Jason Carter & Ragatal; Inner Strength; Elements (2001 ARC Music)
Remember Shakti; Giriraj Sudha; Saturday Night in Bombay (2001 Verve)
[mic break 11:08 a.m.]

Set Three
Dee Daniels; A Song For You; Intimate Conversations (2014 Origin)
Marc Pompe; The Music Goes Round and Round; Monk's Dream (2014)
Shepley Metcalf & Ron Roy; No Soap, No Hope, No Mouse, No House Bluies; Don't Bother to Knock (2014)
James Leary; So Far So Good; Together (2012 Lifeforce Jazz)
Jay Hoggard; Inner Rhythm; The Right Place (2003 JHYM)
[mic break 11:36 a.m.]

Set Four
The Modern Jazz Quartet; I Remember Clifford; European Concert (2000 Label M)
The Bad Plus; Do It Again; Inevitable Western (2014 Okeh)
Grateful Dead; King Solomon's Marbles; One From the Vault (2007 Rhino)
S.M.V.; Thunder; Thunder (2008 Heads Up)
[mic break 12:02 p.m.]
Set Five
Gordon Lee with the Mel Brown Septet; Urgent Message; Tuesday Night (2014 OA2)
Laurie Antonioli; Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire; Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light (2014 Origin)
Ulysses Owens Jr.; Fee Fi Fo Fum; Onward & Upward (2014 Clef)
[mic break 12:25 p.m.]

Set Six
Cedar Walton; Ugetsu; Reliving the Moment (2014 HighNote)
Jaki Byard; Medley: All the Things You Are/I'll Remember April; The Late Show (2014 HighNote)
Anthony Branker & Word Play; Forgotten Peoples; The Forward (Toward Equality) Suite (2014 Origin)
[mic break 12:56 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Daphne Lee Martin & Hannah Fair
[2:00 p.m.]

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