Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Brunch Concerts: Fall Line-up

September 23rd – One Way Track
One Way Track, from Orange, consists of: John Kaluzinski: Guitar,Vocals, A soothing soulful singer is a founding member of the band; Sean Mack: Mandolin,Guitar,Vocals, Is a multi instrumentalist and also a founding member of the band; Tom McNulty: Banjo,Guitar,Vocals, Has performed various genres of music from Irish Folk to Rock and Roll; Patrick Haddon: Bass,Provides the foundation and bottom end and brings with him many musical influences.

October 14th – String Band
A very diverse, bouncy jam-band sensibility leaning towards a folk rock sound, definitely trying to be psychedelic for you, but with a kicking country-rock flavor. Makes you want to get up and dance....or stumble...or wonder what the hell is this?

October 21st – Sandy Connolly Band
Sandy was originally trained in the depths of the Southland to sing opera, as her father was an opera buff and wept to hear her sing in that manner.  Her parents sent her to school to study classically, but she had the fortunate opportunity in 1986 to hear Bonnie Raitt in an intimate concert on Martha’s Vineyard.  There she found her musical calling:  the blues and rock n’ roll.  Throwing dirt on her pure tone and getting all gravely and groovy was way more fun, and way more people liked to listen to it. Her latest project is forming the Sandy Connolly Band, which is Sam Bradford on lead guitar, Freddie Rathbun on bass, and Vic Dias on drums. 

November 11th – Adela and Jude
An amazing combination of enthusiastic performance and superbly crafted songs, the brilliant interaction between Adela & Jude make for a truly enjoyable show. Performing with a fever pitch of old-time revivalist preachers - Adela & Jude exude a chemistry that shines through in their vocal and stage performance. The duo stomps, hollers and brings to life the familiar and forgotten musical giants that cast long shadows over American music.

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