Sunday, December 12, 2010

Playlist, December 9, 2010

Set One
Chandler Travis Philharmonic; Fruit Bat Fun; Blows (2010 Sonic Trout)
Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica; Take the A Train; The Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel (2010 Tiki)
Nobuki Takamen; One Big Shot; Live at the Iridium (2010 Summit)
Joel Harrison; You Must Go Through a Winter; Urban Myths (2010 High Note)
[mic break 10:26 a.m.]

Set Two

7 Walkers; Chingo!; 7 Walkers (2010 Response)
Po Boyz; Big Sur; Country Funk (Positive Records)
The Allman Brothers Band; In Memory of Elizabeth Reed; Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival (2003 Epic)
[mic break 11:03 a.m.]

Set Three
Hot Club of Cowtown; One Step Closer; Wishful Thinking (2010 Gold Strike)
Northern Lights; Fat Man in the Bathtub; One Day (2010 Fifty Fifty Music)
Hymn For Her; Not; Hymn For Her Presents… (2010 hymnforher.,com)
Asha Bosle; Faasle Hain Bahut; The Rough Guide to Bollywood Legends (2003 World Music Network)
Denise Donatelli; The Telephone Song; When Lights are Low (2010 Savant)
Alison Ruble; Route 66; Ashland (2010 Origin)
[mic break 11:35 a.m.]

Set Four
John Coltrane; Afro Blue; Live at Birdland (2008 impulse!)
Lauren Hooker; Life of the Music/Your Music Brings Out the Poetry in Me; Life of the Music (2010 Miles High)
Joey DeFrancesco; Thriller; Never Can Say Goodbye: The Music of Michael Jackson (2010 HighNote)
Joey DeFrancesco; Never Can Say Goodbye; Never Can Say Goodbye: The Music of Michael Jackson (2010 HighNote)
[mic break 12:09 p.m.]

Set Five
The Clayton Brothers; Street Dance; The New Song and Dance (2010 Artist Share)
Chris Colangelo; Green and Blue; Elaine's Song (2010 C-Note)
OUO; Home; Home (2010 Tippin')
Helmet of Gnats; Tsunami; High Street (2010 Ambient)
[1:00 p.m.]

Sunday Brunch Concert: Pauline Pisano
[2:00 p.m.]

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