Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What I learned between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

  1. Zombie President Chapelle is wigging out.
  2. "Wigging out" may not be appropriate to say about a bald man.
  3. When in doubt, pull out the hidden General Habib
  4. For a bald man who's wigging out, Wayne plays a good game.
  5. Agent Burke and the Pharmaceutical Package: Jack Bauer's idea of fun.
  6. Wayne is not David, but in the mirror he looks like the Wizard of Oz.
  7. Don't turn around to talk to the psycho agent in the back seat, and watch out for the armored truck.
  8. Never mind the armored truck, watch out for the cover team.
  9. Jack is never really dead.
  10. Never mind the cover team, watch out for the duress code.
  11. Staples or sutres? Only your makeup artist knows for sure.
  12. Squidward knows what's not his business. Miles doesn't.
  13. hehehe...he said "Damn it!" *drink*
  14. S4GF is never really dead.
  15. The motorized chain: Jack Bauer's idea of fun.
  16. The plot, which should have ended here, was extended like--or by--Audrey's nose.
  17. Damn it! The smug Chinese guy stepped out from behind the red doors again.
  18. Robin Williams as a wax Teddy Roosevelt will not ride in to the rescue.
  19. Strange Veep still has no f'n neck!
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