Sunday, April 01, 2012

The "Wagon Wheel" Project

I was thinking, which is usually a bad thing. In doing so, I came up with a remarkably bad idea that's too good not to share. It seems that the song "Wagon Wheel" is de rigeur for every roots/bluegrass/Americana band out there. Well, what about everyone else?

I hereby propose the Wagon Wheel Project. If your band plays that song—even if you don't—send me a recording in the style of your choice. Play it straight and sincere, put the eyebrows on it, or destroy it completely. I don't care, as long as you have fun playing it. Once I have accumulated enough cover versions of Wagon Wheel, I will devote a set of air time to them all. 

Send them to my SoundCloud dropbox. I look forward to your submissions. 
Send me your sounds

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