Sunday, April 15, 2012

Playlist, April 15, 2012

Set One
Andréa Wood; Someday My Prince Will Come; Dhyana (2011)
Thomas Makucevich; Nefitef; Nefitef (2010 Radio Star)
Fats Waller; Breakin' the Ice; Distilled (special)
Gene Ess; So In Love; A Thousand Summers (2011 SIMP)
[mic break 10:33 a.m.]

Set Two
Sherman Irby Quartet; Countdown; Live at the Otto Club (2009 Black Warrior)
Claudio Scolari; Variation of Movement; Colors of Red Island (2010 Scolari Music)
Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts; Bubbles; An Attitude for Gratitude(2012 Palmetto)
Malcolm Hunter & the Makeshift Dream Orchestra; 5:30 Bounce/Nostalgiain Times Square; Nostalgia in My Square Head (2011)
Daria Musk; Space; Demo (2010)
Ozric Tentacles; Sliding and Gliding; Sliding Gliding Worlds (1988 Snapper)
[mic break 11:16 a.m.]

Set Three
Chris Brubeck's Triple Play; Rollin & Tumblin; Live at Arthur Zankel Music Center (2012 Blue Forest)
Chris Brubeck's Triple Play; Brother Can You Spare a Dime; Live at Arthur Zankel Music Center (2012 Blue Forest)
Robert Sarazin Blake; Death Comes; Put It All Down in a Letter (2011 Same Room)
[11:30 a.m.]
Interview with Robert Sarazin Blake (AUDIO LINK)
Robert Sarazin Blake; Magic Hour on Baltimore Ave.; Put It All Down in a Letter (2011 Same Room)
[mic break 11:59 a.m.]

Set Four
The Disco Biscuits; Jigsaw Earth; Albany, NY (3/18/10)
Umphrey's McGee; The Bottom Half; Variety Playhouse (12/3/04)
Phish; Theme from the Bottom; Las Vegas, NV (11/13/97)
Grateful Dead; Ain't Superstitious/Down in the Bottom; Hershey Park, PA (6/28/85)
Frank London; The Bottom of the Well; A Night in the Old Marketplace
Louis Armstrong; Irish Black Bottom; Hot Fives & Sevens Vol. 1
[mic break 12:48 p.m.]

Steely Dan; Babylon Sister; Alive in America (1995 Giant)

Sunday Brunch Concert
Ravalias (AUDIO LINK)
[2:00 p.m.]

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