Sunday, May 18, 2008

Playlist, May 18, 2008

Set One
Marco Benevento; Diego Garcia>Church of God Victory>Chalaza; Live at Tonic (2008 Ropeadope)
The Bobs; Disappointment Pants; Get Your Monkey Off My Dog (2007 The Bobs)
Punch Brothers; The Blind Leaving the Blind, 4th Movement; Punch (2008 Nonesuch)
[mic break 10:47 a.m.]

Set Two
Miles From India; In A Silent Way>It's About That Time; Miles From India (2008 Times Square)
Northern Lights; Oh, Lady Be Good; New Moon (2005 Fifty Fifty)
Vincent Herring; Star Eyes; The Days of Wine and Roses (1996 MusicMasters)
Ted Kooshian's Standard Orbit Quartet; Black Dog; Ted Kooshian's Standard Orbit Quartet (2008 Summit)
[mic break 11:17 a.m.]

Set Three
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason; Homegrown Tomatoes; Relax Your Mind (2003 Angel)
Debbie Cunningham; Overjoyed; The Rest of Your Life (2008 Oasis)
Milt Jackson/Kenny Clarke; Bluesology; Bluesology (1980 Arista)
Steve Nelson; One Thin Dime; Sound Effect (2007 HighNote)
[mic break 11:43 a.m.]

Set Four
Karrin Allyson; O Morro Nao Tem Vez; Imagina (2008 Concord)
Piers Lawrence Quartet; Stolen Moments; Stolen Moments (2007 JazzNet)
Laurie Anderson; Let X=X; Big Science (2007 Nonesuch)
Russell Gunn; Bitches Brew; Plays Miles (2007 HighNote)
[mic break 12:11 p.m.]

Set Five
Greg Abate; Dreaming in Color; Evolution (2008 IWS)
Tardo Hammer; Hot House; Stop Look & Listen (2007 Sharp Nine)
Mothers of Invention; The Air>Project X; Uncle Meat (1968 Bizarre)
Alison Ruble; Something in the Way She Moves; This is a Bird (2008 Origin)
Larry Willis; Theme From Star Trek; The Offering (2008 HighNote)
Ted Kooshian's Standard Orbit Quartet; The Simpsons; Ted Kooshian's Standard Orbit Quartet (2008 Summit)
Cynthia Holiday; Knock on Wood; All the Way (2008 Miles High)
[mic break 12:54 p.m.]

Set Six
The Jack Wilkins Quartet; Falling in Love with Love; The Jack Wilkins Quartet (1977 Chiaroscuro)
Grateful Dead; Wharf Rat>Playing in the Band (reprise); 5/17/77 Tuscaloosa AL
Weather Report; Mysterious Traveller; Mysterious Traveller (1974 Sony)
Ray Mantilla; For Keeps; Good Vibrations (2006 Savant)
[mic break 1:42 p.m.]

Set Seven
John Beasley; Three Finger Snap; Letter to Herbie (2008 Resonance)
Mike Ellis; Part 15; Chicago Spontaneous Cumbustion Suite (2007 AlphaPocket)
Ben Riley's Monk Legacy Septet; Rhythm-a-Ning; Memories of T (2006 Concord)
[2:00 p.m.]

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