Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What I learned between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.

  1. hehehe...Jack said "damn it!" before the first break. *drink*
  2. These people never sleep.
  3. The Red Shirts don't wear red any more.
  4. Stay out of Chloe & Squidward's fight.
  5. Nadia is teh h0ttt.
  6. Blue-green side lighting makes the bad guys look especially threatening.
  7. The mole sleeps with no shirt. It's kind of like on Cops, where the guy with no shirt always gets arrested.
  8. Nothing makes a difficult phone call even more awkward like Caged Weasel listening in with headphones and the old man boyfriend glaring at you.
  9. The old man boyfriend has NO F'N NECK!
  10. The Chinese Irregulars have a super-generator.
  11. OK...if the CIs have 500-watt halogen lamps powered by a generator, what is the source of the evil blue-green side lighting?
  12. The CTU tac team™ wears full body armor. Doyle wears the Black T-shirt of Badness™.
  13. The sewer under CTU: it's an old trick, but it just might work.
  14. Chloe is lost for an answer. When IS Squidward ever wrong?
  15. Josh & Marilyn have been at CTU the whole time. Remember Alice Marilyn?
  16. Uh oh...RED SHIRT DOWN!
  17. This is bad. If CTU were any more porous, it would live in a pineapple under the sea.
  18. Milo just gave himself a promotion.
  19. The CIs just gave him a demotion.
  20. Nadia is in a Flank Two Position.
  21. No silent clock for Milo.
  22. Chloe is almost as cursed as Jack.
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