Monday, May 07, 2007

Barry O. -- Democratic Neocon?

Jacob Aronson at TCS Daily analyzes a recent speech by Senator Obama, and his findings are surprising.

Obama's Monday night foreign policy speech is more than just clever language. He displays a commitment to moral principles and a serious foreign policy usually found in the halls of the American Enterprise Institute, or the pages of the Weekly Standard: promoting the American interest through a strong offensive military that, in conjunction with diplomatic, political and economic means, is used to remake foreign nations in a liberal democratic image. ...

There were plenty of Democratic tropes. Global climate change is mentioned, and venom for the current administration and the War in Iraq is frequent. But issues like "oil addition" are mentioned not as environmental concerns but as a way to "weaken the hand of hostile dictators." Taken as a whole, and enacted with a willingness to pursue the American interest, Obama's speech shows an understanding—dare I say a conservative understanding—of America's foreign policy challenges. If nothing else it raises the hope that, as Professor Weinberg of Puget Sound reminds us, "candidate Obama may want to bring the boys home, but President Obama will see that decision in a different light."
Read it all.

UPDATE: Ed Lasky at American Thinker advises following the money. It smells like Soros. (Hat tip: Atlas.)

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