Monday, February 12, 2007

The Old Jewish Quarter of Nineveh/Mosul

A Jewish Chaplain from the 101st Airmobile Division discovers the old Jewish section of Mosul/Nineveh.
Climbing over the rotting garbage, I realized I was the first Jew to enter this holy place in over 50 years. I am writing to you from Nineveh, the city of the prophet Jonah. Its present name is Mosul. I have had the privilege of seeing its ancient walls, of touching its stones, of going to the grave. Islamic tradition says is the prophet Jonah’s. There is a mosque at the site; but hundreds of years ago, the Iraqis we work with tell me, it was a synagogue. They tell me the reason the site is so sacred is because of the sacredness in which the Jews held it. Presently, there are no signs of this ancient synagogue.

Hat tip: Kesher Talk

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