Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More on the Astroturfing for Redress mess

I posted about this hoax earlier. Here's more.

Chickenhawk Express: Appeal for Redress Member Admits to War Crimes

One of the anti-war soldiers was Sgt Ronn Cantu. Cantu is not exactly a shrinking violet when it comes to his anti-war views. He started the website SoldierVoices.net. You can visit this link and read his gushing about getting interviewed for 60 Minutes and his "kiss on the cheek" from Lara Logan.Sgt. Cantu is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and has published several articles on the Net about his experiences in Iraq. Believe it or not he claims to have been a Bush-supporting conservative until he experienced the war while in Iraq. Cantu even had a Jimmy Massey moment according to his article "The Death of a Pro-War Conservative -or- The Day I got Away with Murder"...
You'll have to read the rest. The take-away:
We've got Marines being called "cold blooded murderers" by Murtha but here is an anti-war soldier admitting to killing an innocent civilian (knowingly) and to firing his weapon indiscriminately at homes and animals. Where's the outrage over this? Where's PETA? Where's Murtha? Have you noticed that most of the soldiers that speak out publicly about their anti-war views have an "I shot an innocent civilian at a checkpoint" type of story?
You can listen to for Appeal for Redress front man average Navy volunteer PO3 Jonathan Hutto on Between the Lines this afternoon.

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