Thursday, January 25, 2007


Temperature: 26°F.

There has been a lot of activity this morning as the cold front approaches. Sparrows have dominated the feeder today, with just a flash of blue-gray from one titmouse. The noise level has been higher than usual. I was surprised to see a large flock of grackles in the yard. They swarmed the feeder and circled the yard before moving on.

UPDATE: I just spotted a hawk perched in the back yard. He was over the compost and brush piles, no doubt looking for a nice, juicy rat for lunch.

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thewholetruth said...

Glad to see you are looking after the birds.
I am from Kidderminster England and we also have a lot of sparrows. This pleasant little bird has been in decline over the last few years but seems to have seen a slight upturn in numbers over the last year.
I try to put out regular seed for them but it gets stolen by wood pigeons. I have no problem with wood pigeons having a feed in this cold weather, but they tend to knick it all leaving nothing for all the smaller birds!
Please let me know if you have any idea's for stopping the pigeons getting a big slice of the pie!