Monday, January 15, 2007

3 degrees of Kevin Bacon

Three, that's right, count them...three degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and me.

Kevin Bacon starrred in Footloose with Sarah Jesica Parker, who is married to Matthew Broderick, who was in a high school play with me.

(Left to right: Matthew Broderick, me, Kenneth Lonergan)

I've shaken hands with Zappa and performed Shakespeare with Broderick & Lonergan. Is there anything left for me to do?

UPDATE: By way of the movie Flatliners, I am only four degrees away from Jack Bauer!

UPDATE: After checking the math, I realized I am only two degrees away from Jack Bauer. Actor Rafael Sbarge, who played the clueless father who cooperated with the terrorists and got nuked in last night's 24, was also in the same high scool production of A Midsummer Night's Dream mentioned above. If memory serves, he had a cast party at his house, and at some point in the middle of things, somebody came out and announced that the party was over. He was in 8th grade and I think his parents decided they didn't want a bunch of teenagers partying all night in their Upper West Side digs.

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