Thursday, June 29, 2006

Oh Boy! Jane's Here!

Jane Hamsher is visiting New Haven today, and she's got a lump in her throat from the newest Ned Lamont campaign advertisement. Some kids reading a script; sorry, it doesn't move me.

Not all the firedogs are feeling so sentimental. One found an opportunity to attack somebody not related to the current thread.
I get the impression that Michelle Malkin is a product of her husbands ideology and not her own. She is intelligent but not smart enough to have her own say, a parrot of her husband and the conservative movement, she may not realize that she’s not a WASP or JAP or even blond but she does crave the attention. Mabuhay Maglalang bana mabaling or in Pink Flamingo’s that stands for pah pah ooh mow mow.
I wonder what this poster is getting at? Hmmmmmmmm......

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