Sunday, June 18, 2006

Notes on today's program

Lots of new releases on the shelf this week, including the Ed Palermo Big Band. I tried to find Ponty's "Canteloupe Island," but it was nowhere to be found. I have an original import LP of "King Kong" at home, but that doesn't help me right now. We also have new music from Melvin Sparks and Ray Mantilla. Milestone came out with a "Profiles" series of some of its artists, and a new Monk & Coltrane CD is out: the Complete Riverside Recordings from 1957.

The new CD openers are here. They are round, translucent things that look like fat lollipops on a key chain; the design is similar to the wristwatch. If you are a retailer and you want some to give out to customers, drop me a line.

The new Monk/Coltrane release is as good as expected. I also made a happy discovery in the library: Remi Kabaka/Abbdul Lasisi Amao/Steve Winwood. It's wrapping up my electric set right now, and then we're in for a change in style.

Today's final set is bookended by two versions of Darrell Scott's "River Take Me." The first is a new recording by Sam Bush, who played on the original; the closer is a live version by Darrell himself.

UPDATE: I'll try to post audio from the unhinged phone call I took on air during my show.

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