Sunday, May 07, 2006

Playlist, May 7, 2006

Set One
Miles Davis; Milestones; Miles in Berlin
Christian McBride; Technicolor Nightmare; Live at Tonic
Christian McBride; Technicolor Nightmare; Live at Tonic
[mic break 10:46 a.m.]

Set Two
Grateful Dead; Mexicali Blues; 1/2/72 Winterland
Grateful Dead; Playing in the Band; 1/2/72 Winterland
Joe Gallant & Illuminati; Playing in the Band; Live vol. 2
Joe Gallant & Illuminati; She's So Heavy; Live vol. 2
UK.; Ceasar's Palace Blues; Danger Money
Eddie Jobson; Inner Secrets; Theme of Secrets
Hiromi; Kung-Fu Champion of the World; Brain
[mic break 11:35 a.m.]

Set Three
Chronophonic; Reflections of the Shadow of the Flame; Footwork
John Whelan and friends; Reels: January's Journey, DD's Car; Flirting with the Edge
Afro-Celt Sound System; Rise Above (remix); Pod
Yoshida Brothers; Hit Song; III
Keller Williams; Scarlet>Fire; unknown
[mic break 12:12 p.m.]

Set Four
Miles Davis; Ah-Leu-Cha; At Newport 1958
Miles Davis; Straight, No Chaser; At Newport 1958
Miles Davis; Seven Steps to Heaven; Seven Steps to Heaven
Miles Davis; There is No Greater Love; "Four" and More
Miles Davis; I Thought About You; In Europe
Miles Davis; If I Were A Bell; Miles in Tokyo
[mic break 1:11 p.m.]

Set Five
The Kinks; A Gallon of Gas; Low Budget
Jack McDuff; Theme From Mission Impossible; That's The Way I Feel About It
Jack McDuff; Mellow Gravy; The Prestige Years
[1:30 p.m.]

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