Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Inside Tales

I had the chance to become reacaquainted with an old friend this week: Tales From Topographic Oceans. It's long, almost too long, but I think it's their crowning achievement of their early career. When it was new, WPLJ played two "emphasis tracks" (actually excerpts) from the album: "The Revealing Science of God" and "The Remembering." These were probably the two most accessible passages from the recording.

I tended to listen to sides 1 and 4 -- "The Revealing Science of God" and "Ritual - Nous Sommes du Soleil." Ritual was the one piece that stayed in their live show for many years. The two "inside tracks" on sides 2 and 3 didn't have the same appeal to me. I found them somewhat woozy and rambling, although the classical guitar and voice section of "The Ancient" has a certain charm, and it too appeared in their concert playlist.

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