Sunday, March 02, 2014

Playlist, March 2, 2014

Set One
Tom Harrell; Tango; Colors of a Dream (2013 HighNote)
The Jim Olsen Ensemble; Illogical Conclusion; We See Stars (2014 OA2)
Jumaane Smith; I Only Have Eyes for You; I Only Have Eyes for You (2014 self)
Fareed Haque; Chitlins and Chutney; Trance Hypothesis (2013 Delmark)
[mic break 10:30 a.m.]

Set Two
Sonny Stitt, Four; Delmark 60 Years of Jazz (2013 Delmark)
Robert Hurst; Jamming - a.k.a. Ichabad; BoB a Palindrome (2013 Bebob)
Marc Seales; Blue; American Songs, Vol. 2: Blues … and Jazz (2014 Origin)
Sysan Clynes; Childhood Dreams; Life Is … (2014 MoonJune)
[mic break 10:59 a.m.]

Set Three

Ron Davis; The Climb; Symphronica (2013 Acronym)
Jamaze; Around the World (suite); Around the World (2014 MSY)
Trio Shalva; Ba LaShehuna Bahur Hadash; Breeza (2014 self)
[mic break 11:32 p.m.]

Set Four

Claudia Schmidt; Strong Woman Has a Bad Day Polka; New Whirled Order (2014 Red House)
Gina Kronstadt; Twitter Stole My Boyfriend; Come Over (2013 Falloff)
Noel Johnston; Because; Salted Coffee (2014 Armored)
Donna Jean Godchaux Band; She Said She Said; Back Around (2013 Heart of Gold)
[mic break 11:52 a.m.]

Set Five
Sue Maskaleris; O.C.D.; Bering Nothing But Your Heart (2013 Jazilian)
The Lalama Brothers; Five Brothers; Erie Ave. (2011)
The Native Jazz Quartet; Eh La Bas; NQJ: Stories (2013 CAP)
The Native Jazz Quartet; Du Gamla, Du Fria; NQJ: Stories (2013 CAP)
[sorry, I got distracted setting up the Sunday Brunch Concert]

1:00 PM – Nardy Boy on the Sunday Brunch Concert

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