Sunday, January 20, 2013

Playlist, January 20, 2013


Set One
Little Feat; Spanish Moon (with Craig Fuller & Vince Gill); Join the Band (2008 429)
Papa Grows Funk; Red Spark; Needle in the Groove (2012)
Troy Roberts; Liberty Nights; Nu-Jive (2011)
Frank Zappa; Black Napkins; Make a Jazz Noise Here (1991 Barking Pumpkin)
Pamela Hines; Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most; 3.2.1. (2012 Spicerack)
Winard Harper & Jeli Posse; Dedicated to You; Coexist (2012 JLP)
[mic break 10:44 a.m.]

Set Two

Bobby Sanabria Big Band; Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite for Ellington; Multiverse (2012 Jazzheads)
Wayne Wallace; Serpentine Fire; The Nature of the Beat (2008 Patois)
Malcolm Hunter; Hide 'n Sleep; Nostalgia in My Square Head (2011)
The Summarily Dismissed; Bull Barket; To Each! (2012)
[mic break 11:18 a.m.]

Set Three
The Cookers; Believe, For it is True; Believe (2012 Motéma)
John Hamar; Blues for J.P.; Hymn (2012 Origin)
Hashem Assadullahi; The Straight Man (Walking the Dog on a Sunday); Pieces (2013 OA2)
Miles Davis; Miles Runs the Voodoo Down; Bitches Brew (1969 Columbia)
[mic break 12:00 noon]

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