Sunday, August 14, 2011

Playlist, August 14, 2011

Set One
Bootsy Collins; JB is Still the Man; Tha Funk Capital of the World (2011 Mascot)
Donald Harrison; Slowvisor; Free to Be (1999 Impulse!)
Aimée Allen; Fragile; Winters & Mays (2011 Azuline Music)
Mike Dowbnling with David Lange; Samba Simpatico; Eclectricity (2011 Wind River Guitar)
Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica; Arab Dance; Third River Rangoon (2011 Tiki)
John Daversa; Internal; Junk Wagon (2011 BFM Jazz)
[mic break 10:40 a.m.]

Set Two
The Compact, Everyone's A Critic; Fortune Cookie Philosophy (2011 Choking Chicken)
Laura Ainsworth; Keep It To Yourself; Keep It To Yourself (2011 Eclectus)
Pamela Luss; Ain't No Sunshine; Sweet and Saxy (2009 Savant)
Candye Kane; Love Insurance; Sister Vagabond (2011 Delta Groove)
[mic break 10:55 a.m.]

11:30 a.m.
Interview with Daniel Jamieson
12:00 noon
Interview with Mickey Hart
1:00 p.m. Sunday Brunch Concert
Hubinger Street
[2:00 p.m.]

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