Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Discovery Channel series: Headliest Catch

A look deep inside the most dangerous trade in America: Vending nitrous.

[cuts to a scene of a greasebag pounding a frozen tank against the pavement]
"so uhh basically when they freeze up... you gotta get em flowin' again. [looks around nervously] the trick is, man... you gotta... dislodge the ice... while at the same time... [looks around nervously again] not drawing too much attention... [looks over his shoulder] to yourself... or they'll confiscate your tanks... [looks around again, this time spotting someone walking towards him in a collared shirt.] SHIT! SIX UP! SIX UP! [takes off running.]"

[pans over to two dudes fist fighting near a tank]
Mike Rowe Narrates: "9 miles from the center of philly. Here, two rival gas dealers are trying to catch the same phish in the same location. Gas vending is very territorial. Each crew has their honey holes, these honey holes have been passed down on charts and road maps through generations of vendors. It's times like these, when someone's in another crew's spot, that things get ugly."

Hat tip: Polarity Brody

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