Friday, January 22, 2010

The NY Times visits WBAI

The reporter seems no worse for the wear. You have to experience the Times article through the fever swamps of NYC Indymedia to get the full effect. Here's a taste:

When the treasurer acknowledged a typographic error in a number in a financial report, Mimi Rosenberg, an on-air host and a housing lawyer, erupted.

“You’ve got a C.F.O. who doesn’t proofread?” she yelled. “You are a backward, reactionary fraud!”
WBAI employs two hulking, tattooed bouncers to keep order, although neither man was so foolish as to give in to incessant demands to evict this member or that. As the yelling reached a particular keening cacophony, the more hulking of the two whistled and demanded a cease-fire: “You should call a time out and every one of you should go to the bathroom and chill out.”
For a moment, the room fell into something like decorum. Then the revolutionary ruckus swelled anew.

It's things like this that make WPKN – unfortunately well on its way to becoming WBAI, Jr. – appear somewhat sane.

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