Sunday, September 27, 2009

Playlist, September 27, 2009

Set One
Larry Coryell; Cedars of Avalon; Cedars of Avalon (2002 Highnote)
Yashmin Charnet-Abler; Totally You; Remember Me (2007 Bossa Nova)
Anne Drummond; Frevo; Like Water (2009 ObliqSound)
Guinga; Mi Menor; The Mondo Series: Mondo Samba (2002 Mondo Melodia)
[10:22 a.m.]

Set Two
Carter/Medeski/McBride; Street of Dreams; Heaven on Earth (2009 Half Note)
Jimmy Carpenter; Sinner Street; Toiling in Obscurity (2009 self)
Dave Siebels; I Wish; With Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band (2008 PGBL)
Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley; Pigs Feet & Potted Meat; Pigs Feet & Potted Meat (2009 Funkboy)
Barney McClure Trio; Daydream; Spot (2007 OA2)
Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet; Straight Life/Mr. Clean; Infinity (2008 Patois)
[mic break 11:03 a.m.]

Set Three

Furthur; Shakedown Street>New Speedway Boogie; 2009-09-19 Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA
[mic break 11:41 a.m.]

Set Four
Bonerama; Turn On Your Love Light; Hard Times (2009 Highsteppin')
Michael Bellar As-Is Ensemble; Heavyweight Love Match; Turned On Turned Up (2009 Left Three Lanes)
Mark Murphy; Photograph; Lucky to be Me (2002 Highnote)
Frank Morgan Quartet; Come Sunday; Bebop Lives! (1987 Contemporary)
The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra; Flamenco Sketches; The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra (2009 151 Records)
Billy Higgins; Plexus; Bridgework (1987 Contemporary)
Cat Stevens; Into White; Tea for the Tillerman (1970 Universal)
Weather Report; Blackthorn Rose; Mysterious Traveller (1974 Columbia)
Eddie Harris; Boogie Woogie Bossa Nova; Free Speech (1974 Atlantic)
Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts; Little B's Poem; Scenie Route (2006 Palmetto)
Woody Herman; Apple Honey; The Thundering Herds 1945-1947 (1988 Columbia)
[mic break 12:47 p.m.]

Set Five
Elli Fordyce; Softly as I Leave You; Sings Songs Spun of Gold (2009 Fordyce)
Steely Dan; Everything Must Go; Everything Must Go (2003 Reprise)
[1:00 p.m.]

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