Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pogrom in Bolivia

Bolivia's government is targeting Jews. This comes after President Evo Morales accused the US of backing an assasination attempt. 

Bolivian police forces raided a Chabad center in the northeastern town of Rurrenabaque a number of times in recent days, ordered its closure and arrested a number of Israeli tourists who were staying there.


Rabbi Aharon Fraiman, who heads the center, told Ynet the police refused to give him a reason for the raid, but rumors throughout the town have linked the police activity to an assassination attempt on the Bolivian president last week.


On Wednesday, after the center temporarily resumed activity, Fraiman, who was almost arrested himself, said this was nothing more than a local dispute: "An anti-Semitic restaurateur who thinks we are hurting his livelihood is doing everything to get us out of here," the rabbi said.
Bolivia's communist leader is claiming that the US Embassy in La Paz was behind an alleged assassination plot uncovered last week. Morales was to have delivered a speech in New York this week, but canceled at the last minute, claiming illness. New York's leftist radio station WBAI was to have carried the speech. 

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