Friday, December 19, 2008

More Fairness Doctrine talk

Following a comment from Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) about bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, Brent Littlefield wrote this piece in Pajamas Media.

Battle Lines Being Drawn in Fight Over Fairness Doctrine
Why do they say it’s needed? They claim the federal government must ensure local stations fully cover local news and topics of the day. However, those promoting the new Fairness Doctrine come from the politically correct left, which is incensed that conservative-minded talk show hosts have large ratings, large audiences, and big paychecks.

Liberal activists want the federal government to determine if a station is balanced and providing politically correct programming in our neighborhoods. Just imagine, if you will, a federal bureaucrat hops on a plane and travels from Washington to a local rural radio station. That bureaucrat then walks in to tell a station manager what to put on the air.

Yes, Virginia, they would be coming from the government and they would only be there to help. Or so the activists promoting the Fairness Doctrine want you to believe.
WPKN had a big internal quarrel over fairness doctrine principles regarding their "right to respond/personal commentary disclaimer" a few years ago, and it was the station's "progressive activists" who were against it. The guideline for the left seems to be "free speech for me, but none for thee."

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