Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lamest. Reunion. Ever.

My high school class was pretty lame, and as far as I know, never got it together to have a reunion. The school itself is long-defunct. I just got an e-vite for our 30th anniversary reunion. The same pattern from high school is holding.
  • '76 - a very cool class, people I looked up to, and their 30th reunion sounded really cool with a more formal evening and a picnic the next day. Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn got a lot of mileage blogging her reunion planning, the actual event, and aftermath. Of course, OTBKB is a very engaging writer and it was a fun read, especially since I knew her classmates.
  • '77 - not quite as cool as '77 but still cool, and their 30th reunion was an evening in someone's apartment
  • '78 - lame, and the reunion is going to be in the afternoon in the same building that housed our former school. Sounds absolutely craptastic.
I am blessed with my daughters' gymnastics show that afternoon, and have a handy excuse to avoid this event. Maybe I can sit in my basement office, flip through my yearbook, and read OTBKB again. At some point my flashback will be interruped by one of my kids showing me his or her latest creation in GarageBand or iMovie.

I grew up. My kids are growing up. It's good to be alive. End of story.

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