Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The way Barry sees it...

The Year of the Freak is Immiment
Oh yes it is. Let’s see which sites, bands and organisations have had legal action taken against them by the ZFT in recent weeks, shall we?

* Us here at KUR (non-profit fan site)
* Ugly Radio Rebellion (non-profit tribute band)
* Project/Object (non-profit tribute band)
* Bogus Pomp (non-profit tribute band)
* Sheik Yerbouti (non-profit tribute band)
* Zappanale Festival (non-profit Zpp festival)
* Arf Society (non-profit fan site)

Quoth The Idiot Bastard:

Apparently Gail has even threatened to remove and destroy the likeness of FZ that is in Bad Doberan – “Yes, we would definitely consider having it replaced with something we do approve,” she said.

I know you’re getting sick and tired of this dear reader — so am I.

That’s the point.

Spread the word if you can, by any means.

A permanent page, objectively documenting the progression of any of these Law Suits is in the works, and will be published as more information becomes publicly available.

Update: had to add tribute band Ugly Radio Rebellion to the list as they too are now being sued by the ZFT for alleged copyright infringement.

Carry on, Barry. Don't let the tone-deaf Zappa™ Family Trust kill the music.
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