Thursday, October 04, 2007

Playlist, October 4, 2007

Set One
Yashmin Charnet-Abler; Remember Me; Remember Me (2007 Bossa Nova)
Yashmin Charnet-Abler; Vira e Mexe; Remember Me (2007 Bossa Nova)
Saco Yasuma; A Wind Blew Into My Hands; Another Rain (2007 Leaf Note)
Marco Benevento; Seems So Long Ago Nancy; Live at Tonic (2007 Ropeadope)
Marco Benevento; Fearless; Live at Tonic (2007 Ropeadope)
[mic break 2:29 p.m.]

Set Two
Mickey Hart/Zakir Hussein; Kaluli Groove; Global Drum Project (2007 Shout Factory)
The Beatles; Blue Jay Way; Magical Mystery Tour (1967 EMI)
Donna Jean & the Tricksters; Me and Kettle Joe (web sampler)
[mic break 2:59 p.m.]

Set Three
Steve Hall Quintet; Full House; Better Late (2007 Moovealong)
John McLean; Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me; Better Angels (2007 Origin)

Interview with Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay

Marty Ehrlich & Myra Melford; I See a Horizon; Spark! (2007 Palmetto)
Flat Earth Society; Gulls & Buoys; Psychoscout (2006 Rykodisc)
Frank Zappa; What's New in Baltimore?; You Can't Do That on Stage Any More vol. 5 (1992 Rykodisc)
The Ed Palermo Big Band; Mom and Dad/Oh No; Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (2006 Cuneiform)
Assembly of Dust; Roads; The Honest Hour (2004 Hybrid)
[mic break 4:06 p.m.]

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