Friday, November 03, 2006

Why I never joined a fraternity

First thing is, it just didn't seem that appealing. I have always been a loner, and accepting a group of strangers as my "brothers" made no sense. Every now and then, I read something like this:

Pledges In Apparent Hazing Ritual May Have Been Sexually Assaulted
The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at UCF was suspended by its national office and has become the subject of a police investigation after three students were recently found so drunk that they had be rushed to a hospital. ..."There were some things confiscated by police inside the SAE fraternity house that leads them to believe that they may have been sexually assaulted," Local 6's Samantha Knapp said. ...Officers said the common area had a strong smell of urine and vomit.
Nice, huh? My recollection of fraternities is that TKE was the "classy" frat at my college. Several of the elected student body leaders were members. They also had a couple of enforcers who threatened to break my legs and vandalize my car.

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Alex Rudloff said...

For every f'd up incident like this, there are thousands of positive community contributions and events that go unreported (as they're relatively uninteresting).

Good kids join groups with good kids. Idiots join groups with other idiots. It's not the greek system, its the fact that it enables lots of idiots to congregate easily, in a minority of the organizations.

Dave said...

Maybe it was just my alma mater, but the Greeks were almost all idiots. The best community contribution I got was when the TKE boys told me to watch my kneecaps.