Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Invasion of the carpetbagging bloggers

Not content with her fire dog lake or wherever she belongs, Oregon blogger Jane Hamsher and her dogs have decided to stay in the Constitution State through the now-meaningless August 8th primary. Paul Bass has been hanging out with her, and reports
For now Hamsher has an extended-stay motel room in Meriden. She's hoping to rent a farmhouse in Guilford through the primary; a bunch of her West Coast buddies want to stay with her and the poodles to witness and blog history themselves.
Just what we need. She's a dangerous driver too.
Somewhere around Meriden I realized Hamsher was breaking two Connecticut laws at once: the dashboard needle tugged at the 90 mark, and she was dialing and talking on the celly while steering.
She sounds like a candidate for a Darwin Award.

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